Ynw Bslime: Net Worth, Career, Income, Life And More

Ynw Bslime Introducion

If you’re looking for fresh talent in the music industry, look no further than YNW Bslime, whose real name is Brandon King. At just 14 years old, he’s already making waves as an American rapper and a rising star in the music scene. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the journey and achievements of YNW Bslime, including his collaborations with other artists and his career earnings. Let’s dive into the world of this young sensation!

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Real Name:Brandon King
Nick Name:Ynw Bslime
Height in Feet:5 feet 3 inches
Current Residence:Gifford, Florida, United States
Profession:Rapper, YouTuber

Ynw Bslime Early Life

In this article, we delve into the early life of YNW BSlime, whose real name is Brandon Curtis King. Born on April 10, 2007, in Gifford, Florida, he is of African-American descent and is the youngest of three children. His brother, the well-known rapper YNW Melly, has been a significant influence in his life. In 2018, their family relocated to Miami, which marked a turning point in YNW BSlime life. This article explores the intriguing details of his early years, including the pivotal moment that ignited his music career.

Ynw Bslime Career

Are you curious about the meteoric rise of YNW BSlime music career? From freestyle rapping at just 12 years old to collaborating with renowned artists, YNW BSlime journey is nothing short of remarkable. In this article, we’ll take you through the key milestones of his career, his popular tracks, and what sets him apart as one of the most promising young rappers. Let’s dive into the world of YNW BSlime.

YNW BSlime Early Beginnings

At the tender age of 12, in October 2018, YNW BSlime embarked on his musical journey. His initial exposure came when he had the opportunity to perform freestyle rapping at the New Era recording studio. This marked the inception of a talent that would soon captivate the music world.

Collaborations That Shaped His Career

One of the standout aspects of YNW BSlime career is his collaborations with notable artists. He was featured on several songs alongside YNW Melly, YNW Sakchaser, and YNW Juvy. These early partnerships provided him with valuable experience and a platform to showcase his unique style.

Ynw Bslime Personal Life

As fans of YNW BSlime, it’s natural to want to know more about the person behind the music. Beyond the stage name, YNW BSlime real name is Brandon Curtis King. Here, we explore his personal life, family background, interests, and a few unique tidbits about this rising star.

Family Ties

YNW BSlime is not just a talented rapper; he’s also the younger brother of American rapper YNW Melly. Born on April 10, 2007, in Florida, United States, he shares a close sibling bond with his brother, which has likely influenced his own journey in the music industry. BSlime is the youngest of three children, with one brother and one sister.

Cultural Roots

BSlime heritage is deeply rooted in African-American culture, adding to the diversity and richness of his music. This cultural connection may play a significant role in shaping his artistic expression.

What Is Ynw Bslime Net Worth?

YNW BSlime Net Worth: Unveiling His Earnings

As of October 2023, the estimated net worth of YNW BSlime, the young and talented rapper, has been a topic of interest for many. Various sources provide differing estimates, but one thing is clear: BSlime’s career has already seen substantial financial success. Let’s delve into the details of his net worth and what has contributed to it.

The Estimates

YNW BSlime net worth is a subject of curiosity, and as of October 2023, it’s estimated to be around $300,000. However, it’s important to note that there is some variation in these estimates. Some sources suggest a net worth of $150,000, while others put it at $250,000. The reason for this variance can be attributed to the rapidly changing nature of his career and the challenge of accurately assessing the earnings of a young artist in the music industry.

YouTube Channel Earnings

One significant contributor to YNW net worth is his thriving YouTube channel. With each video he posts, he earns an estimated $9,000. This impressive figure is a testament to his popularity on the platform. In total, his YouTube channel has helped him accumulate approximately $334,000, making it a pivotal source of income for the young artist.

A Remarkable Journey

While YNW BSlime may not yet be as wealthy as some of the more established artists in the industry, his success and earnings at his age and given the relatively short time he has been in the music scene are remarkable. His dedication and passion for music have undoubtedly paid off, and he continues to grow both as an artist and in terms of his financial success.


ynw bslime net worth BSlime personal life offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of this young and talented artist. From his close family ties to his interests and his dedication to his career, it’s evident that BSlime is on a unique journey. As he continues to evolve as an artist, we can expect to see more exciting developments in both his personal life and his music career.

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