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William Ruto Introduction

William Kipchirchir Samoei arap Ruto, born on December 21, 1966, stands as a symbol of resilience and triumph in Kenyan politics. This article delves into the multifaceted life of a man who not only served as the Deputy President and Minister of Agriculture and Higher Education but also assumed the highest office in Kenya on September 13, 2022.

In the quiet town of Kamagut, Ruto’s journey began in modest circumstances. His compelling personal narrative includes a phase where he engaged in entrepreneurial activities such as selling peanuts and chickens. This section unveils the roots that shaped Ruto’s character and fueled his ambitions.

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Name:William Ruto
Birthday:21 December 1966
Birth Place:Kenya
College:University of Nairobi
Profession:Politician (The Current President of Kenya)
Net Worth:$400 million

William Ruto Early Life

William Ruto was born in December 1966 in Sambut village located in Kamagut, Uasin Gishu County. He was raised in a poor peasant family and has often spoken about the economic hardships of his childhood.

As a young boy, Ruto was forced to walk barefoot to school and had to support his family by selling peanuts and chickens at the roadside. The poverty Ruto experienced growing up instilled in him a fierce determination to succeed in life.

After completing his primary education at Kerotet Primary School and secondary education at Wareng Secondary School, Ruto enrolled at Kapsabet Boys High School for his A-levels. He performed well enough to secure admission at the prestigious University of Nairobi in 1984.

At the university, Ruto studied a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany and Zoology, graduating in 1990. He later complemented this with a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science in 2011, and a PhD in Plant Ecology in 2018, both from the University of Nairobi.

William Ruto Career

Entry into Politics

Ruto entry into elective politics came in 1997 when he contested and won the parliamentary seat for Eldoret North constituency on a Kenya African National Union (KANU) ticket.

In 2002, President Daniel Arap Moi appointed Ruto as the Minister for Home Affairs. His meteoric rise under Moi earned him the nickname “Kanu’s young turk.”

After KANU’s defeat in 2002, Ruto joined forces with Uhuru Kenyatta to form a new opposition party called the United Republican Party. He went on to serve as a cabinet minister under President Mwai Kibaki between 2005 and 2007.

Role In 2007 Election Violence

William Ruto Net Worth 2023 political career almost crashed after he was named as one of the key perpetrators of the 2007-2008 post-election violence by the Waki Commission. The violence that erupted after the disputed 2007 presidential election saw ethnic killings claim over 1,000 lives and displace hundreds of thousands.

To redeem his reputation, Ruto mended fences with fellow ICC indictee Uhuru Kenyatta. The duo forged a political alliance called the Jubilee Coalition that went on to win the 2013 general elections.

As part of the power-sharing deal, Ruto became Kenya’s Deputy President while Kenyatta took over as President. Both cases at the ICC were eventually dropped due to a lack of sufficient evidence.

William Ruto Education

Ruto has often spoken fondly of his humble upbringing, emphasising that it instilled in him discipline and hard work. He credits his background for keeping him grounded and connected to the challenges facing ordinary citizens.

For his primary education, Ruto attended Kerotet Primary School. He later transferred to Wareng Secondary School for his O-levels before proceeding to Kapsabet Boys High School for his A-levels.

University Education

After completing secondary school, Ruto earned admission at the University of Nairobi for a Bachelor of Science degree. He graduated in 1990 with a BSc. in Botany and Zoology.

While pursuing his undergraduate studies, Ruto immersed himself fully in academics and student leadership. He served as the leader of the Christian Union, honing his political and organizational skills.

In 2011, over 20 years after graduating, Ruto returned to the University of Nairobi for further studies. He enrolled in a Master of Science program in Environmental Science, graduating in 2011.

Not content with his master’s degree, Ruto embarked on a PhD in Plant Ecology in 2016, graduating in 2018. His doctoral thesis was titled “The Influence of Human Activities on Plant Diversity of Two Wetlands in Kenya.”William Ruto Net Worth 2023 decision to pursue higher university education so long after becoming a successful politician underscored his lifelong passion for academics and desire to lead by example.

Early Career AND Work Experience

After obtaining his BSc. in 1990, Ruto was employed as a teacher in his home county of Uasin Gishu. He taught science subjects at secondary schools in the North Rift region.

Ruto served as a teacher between 1990 and 1992 before his election as MP in 1997 propelled him fully into politics.

Beyond teaching, the exposure Ruto gained spending time with his peasant parents and selling farm produce instilled practical skills in agriculture and business. The diversity of his early work experience equipped Ruto with invaluable perspective about the economic challenges facing Kenyans.

What Is William Ruto Net Worth 2023

William Ruto Net Worth 2023, the current President of Kenya, has accumulated an enormous amount of wealth and has a net worth estimated to be around $400 million. As a successful businessman and politician, Ruto has built up his fortune over many years through shrewd investments and business activities.

Ruto’s Salary And Benefits As President

As President of Kenya, William Ruto earns a good salary and benefits. According to reports, Ruto takes home a monthly salary of Ksh. 1.44 million ($12,000). This translates to an annual salary of Ksh. 17.28 million ($144,000).

On top of his salary, Ruto enjoys numerous benefits including a fully furnished official residence, generous entertainment allowances, and access to vehicles from the Presidential Fleet. The benefits associated with being the President significantly boost Ruto’s net worth.


William Ruto Net Worth 2023 faith, family and modest lifestyle keep him rooted to his humble background despite ascending to the presidency. His commitment to Christianity and family provides stability at the pinnacle of power.

Ruto’s connection to his rural roots through local philanthropy and accessibility to villagers also humanizes his image. He may be president but remains embedded in the community that shaped his early life.This unique blend of Christian values, family focus, and rural generosity make William Ruto a president with his feet firmly on the ground as he leads Kenya to new heights.

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