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Taylor Sheridan net worth, is an American writer, producer, director and actor who has made a name for himself in recent years with his work on critically acclaimed films and TV shows. He first gained recognition for his acting roles in shows like Sons of Anarchy and Veronica Mars, but it was his screenwriting that really put him on the map. Sheridan wrote acclaimed films like Sicario, Hell or High Water and Wind River that demonstrated his talent for crafting intense, character-driven thrillers.

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In the last few years, he has focused more on working behind the camera as a creator, showrunner and director. He created the popular Paramount series Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner, which became the most-watched summer cable series in over 5 years. He also co-created the prequel series 1883 and is working on a new series Mayor of Kingstown. With his recent successes, Sheridan has quickly become one of the most sought-after creatives in Hollywood.


NameTaylor Sheridan
Birthday21 May 1970
Weight165 lbs
PartnerNicole Muirbrook
KidsGus Sheridan
SiblingsJohn Gilbert
ProfessionActor, Writer, Producer
Net Worth$10 Million

Taylor Sheridan Net Worth and Salary

As of 2022, Taylor Sheridan’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. The bulk of his wealth has been accumulated in recent years through his work as a writer, producer and creator of hit shows like Yellowstone.

He likely received decent paydays for writing films like Sicario and Hell or High Water earlier in his career. However, it is his more recent TV projects that have really increased his net worth into the millions. As the creator and showrunner of Yellowstone, he is entitled to profits from the show’s success.

There is limited information available about Sheridan’s specific salary or income from his various projects. As a top showrunner and in-demand creative, he likely earns a healthy six-figure salary. With his career on the rise, his net worth is also expected to steadily increase in the coming years.

Early Life and Education

Taylor Sheridan was born on July 17, 1969 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. His family later moved to Fort Worth, Texas where he spent most of his childhood.

His father was a cardiologist and the family would often visit the Cranfills Gap ranch where Sheridan learned how to ride horses and become a cowboy. As a teenager, he attended the R.L. Paschal High School in Fort Worth where he was involved in theater productions while also working on the ranch.

After high school, Sheridan attended Texas State University but ended up dropping out. He then moved to Austin where he worked odd jobs like mowing lawns and painting houses while trying to figure out his path.

Career Beginnings

Sheridan’s acting career began in the late 1990s when he started landing small roles in TV shows like Walker, Texas Ranger and movies such as The Newton Boys starring Matthew McConaughey.

In 2002, he got his first major recurring TV role on the series Veronica Mars playing the character Danny Boyd. Over the next few years, he continued acting in small roles on shows likeCSI: NY, Sons of Anarchy,CSI: Miami and The Unit.

While Sheridan was getting steady work as an actor, he also began exploring opportunities behind the camera. He wrote his first movie in 2010 called Villa Capri which didn’t get produced. But it demonstrated his interest and talent for screenwriting.

Breakout Success as a Screenwriter

In 2015, Sheridan finally got his big break when his screenplay for the film Sicario was produced. The intense crime thriller directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro was critically acclaimed.

It put Sheridan on the map as a talented new voice in Hollywood. He quickly followed it up by writing Hell or High Water starring Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges which went on to earn 4 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture.

After establishing himself as a screenwriter, Sheridan wrote his directorial debut film Wind River starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen. The tense murder mystery set on a Native American reservation further showcased his skills as a filmmaker.

Yellowstone and Recent Projects

While he was gaining acclaim for his film work, Sheridan shifted to writing for television in 2017 when he created the series Yellowstone. The modern western starring Kevin Costner became a huge hit for the Paramount Network, turning into their most watched scripted series.

Its success led to Sheridan co-creating the prequel series 1883 which follows an earlier generation of the Dutton family. In 2022, he also released the new series Mayor of Kingstown starring Jeremy Renner which looks at systemic inequality in a small Michigan town.

Sheridan signed an overall deal with Paramount reported to be worth $15 million a year to create and produce new series for them. Upcoming projects include the bass fishing drama Land Man starring Billy Bob Thornton.

With his track record of hits, Sheridan has established himself as one of the most sought-after writer-producers in the industry today. His work is defined by his authentic characters and ability to tap into the zeitgeist with compelling, cinematic stories.

Personal Life and Family

Sheridan keeps his personal life very private. He married his wife Nicole Muirbrook in 2015 and they have two children together. Not much else is publicly known about his family and home life.

In interviews, Sheridan has mentioned he continues to live part-time on a ranch in Texas to keep connected to those roots. He also enjoys team roping and spending time with his horses when not working.

Sheridan has been sober since a young age and sees his sobriety as a key to his success. Despite his busy career, he remains intensely focused on his family and limiting distractions.

Taylor Sheridan Net Worth Summary

  • As of 2022, Taylor Sheridan’s net worth is estimated at $3 million.
  • The bulk of his wealth comes from the success of shows he created like Yellowstone and 1883.
  • He earns profits as the creator and showrunner of hit series under his deal with Paramount.
  • Early in his career he made money acting in small TV and film roles.
  • Writing hit films like Sicario, Hell or High Water and Wind River increased his net worth.
  • Sheridan’s salary and income from projects are not publicly known but likely significant.
  • With his in-demand status, his net worth is expected to steadily grow in coming years.
  • He lives with his wife and children part-time on a Texas ranch when not working in L.A.
  • Sheridan has said his sobriety at a young age helped pave the way for his success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What TV series made Taylor Sheridan famous?

Sheridan created the hit series Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner that became the most watched cable series in years. Its success put him on the map as a major TV creator.

What was Taylor Sheridan’s big break as a screenwriter?

The critically acclaimed film Sicario (2015) was Sheridan’s breakout success that launched his screenwriting career.

How much is Taylor Sheridan worth?

As of 2022, Sheridan’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. The bulk of his wealth comes from the success of series he created.

Where is Taylor Sheridan from?

He was born in North Carolina but grew up in Fort Worth, Texas where he learned to be a cowboy on his family’s ranch.

Is Taylor Sheridan married?

Yes, Sheridan married his wife Nicole Muirbrook in 2015. They have two children together and split time between L.A. and a ranch in Texas.


Taylor Sheridan has had an impressive rise over the last decade from working actor to acclaimed screenwriter and now one of the most powerful creators in television. The authenticity he brings to his gritty, character-driven stories has clearly resonated with audiences.

With his golden touch for making hit shows, Sheridan’s influence in Hollywood will likely continue growing. His net worth is steadily rising but he remains committed to also spending time away from the business on his Texas ranch with his family. At just 52 years old, Sheridan seems poised to keep his incredible career momentum going strong.

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