Steve Hilton Net Worth, Career, Income, Age, Family, and More

Steve Hilton Net Worth: The Political Strategist Turned Media Commentator


Steve Hilton net worth, is a prominent figure in the world of politics and media. As a former senior advisor to British Prime Minister David Cameron and current host of Fox News’ “The Next Revolution”, Hilton has established himself as an influential conservative voice on both sides of the Atlantic. But how did he get to where he is today and what is his background? This article will explore Hilton’s career, wealth, personal life and opinions to provide insight into one of the most recognizable political commentators today.

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Real NameStephen Glenn Charles Hilton
BirthdayAugust 25, 1969
Birth SignVirgo
Height5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm
Weight68 kgs
PartnerRachel Whetstone
ParentsIstván Hircsák
ProfessionsStrategy Expert, Political Commentator, Political Advisor, Writer, Presenter
Net Worth$10 million (USD)

Career History

Advising David Cameron

Hilton first gained prominence as Director of Strategy for David Cameron from 2010 to 2012. During this time, he helped shape Cameron’s political philosophy and messaging as leader of the Conservative party. Hilton was the architect behind Cameron’s “Big Society” vision and also led efforts to rebrand the Conservatives as more modern and compassionate.

Fox News Show Host

After leaving Downing Street in 2012, Hilton spent several years in California working for tech companies like Uber and Crowdpac. He returned to media and politics in 2017 as host of “The Next Revolution” on Fox News. The weekly show provides Hilton a platform to share his populist, anti-establishment views on issues like immigration, China, and technology.

Political Views and “Positive Populism”

Hilton positions himself as a reformist populist. He advocates for policies that give greater decision making power to ordinary citizens versus political elites. Hilton is a supporter of Brexit, skeptic of China, and aligned with techno-libertarians on issues like data privacy. He coined the term “positive populism” to describe his ideology.

Wealth and Background

Affluent Upbringing

Hilton grew up in a wealthy family, as his father Barron Hilton was heir to the Hilton Hotels fortune.Steve Hilton comes from a wealthy family with a prominent background in the hotel industry. He is the son of hotel magnate Barron Hilton and the grandson of Conrad Hilton, who founded the Hilton Hotels chain1. Hilton has eight siblings, and his mother’s name is Marilyn June (née Hawley) while his father’s name is William Barron Hilton1.

Wife and Children

Hilton is married to Rachel Whetstone, a senior executive in tech and former political strategist. They have two children together. Whetstone has held top communications roles at Google, Uber, and Netflix.

Estimated Net Worth

While Hilton’s exact net worth is not known, it is likely in the tens of millions given his affluent upbringing and lucrative career spanning government, media, and tech. As per the internet source it might be guess that the while hilton net worth is $10 million (USD).

Opinions and Philosophies

Supporter of Free Market Capitalism

Hilton believes in the power of free enterprise capitalism, markets, and pricing signals to drive economic prosperity. He wrote a book titled “Good Business” articulating this view. However, he also acknowledges that the “free market” often falls short in practice.

Limited Government

As a small government conservative, Hilton advocates for reducing bureaucracy, decentralizing programs to local communities when possible, and giving citizens more autonomy versus central planners.

Environmentalist Streak

Unlike some conservatives, Hilton believes climate change is real and humans likely contribute to it. He proposes market-based solutions like carbon pricing to address environmental problems.

Populist Yet Pragmatic

While a populist ideologically, Hilton takes pragmatic positions occasionally out of step with populists. For example, he supports immigration to fill critical jobs and sustain economic growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Steve Hilton’s current role?

Hilton currently hosts a weekly opinion show called “The Next Revolution” on Fox News. He has been in this role since 2017.

Q2. What was Hilton’s relationship with former UK PM David Cameron?

Hilton served as Director of Strategy for Cameron from 2010 to 2012. He was a close advisor of Cameron’s and heavily influenced his political strategy and messaging as leader of the Conservative Party.

Q3. Where did Hilton work before entering politics and media?

Hilton worked as a research fellow at the right-leaning think tank Policy Exchange in the early 2000s before advising the Conservative party. He also had a brief stint at management consultancy firm McKinsey.

Q4. How did Hilton accumulate his wealth?

While the details are unclear, Hilton was born into an affluent family, as his father was heir to the widespread Hilton Hotels business empire. His wealth likely comes from his family lineage.

Q5. What is Hilton’s view on China?

Hilton takes a hawkish stance on China, warning of China’s authoritarianism and advocating for the Western world to get tough on protecting its economic and national security interests.


  • Steve Hilton has led a varied career spanning influential roles in British politics and American media.
  • With an affluent upbringing and marriage into a tech and political power family, Hilton has long been ensconced in elite circles.
  • Yet he positions himself as a populist reformer taking on the establishment.
  • Hilton continues to push his “positive populism” philosophy and advocate for decentralization, free markets, and local empowerment through his Fox News show.
  • His career evolution and intersections with the highest echelons of government, media, and tech make Hilton a fascinating figure to watch.

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