Shemar Franklin Net Worth 2023 Bios, Life, Actor, Career, Education, And More

Shemar Franklin Introduction

Shemar Franklin Moore has dazzled audiences for over two decades with his charisma, talent, and drive. As an actor, model, and philanthropist, Moore has shown a consistency of excellence across various platforms while impacting many lives along the way. His perseverance, humility, and generosity of spirit serve as an inspiration.

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Name:Shemar Moore
Date of Birth:20 April 1970
Age:52 years old
Profession:American Actor
Birthplace:Oakland, California, United States

Shemar Franklin Early Inklings Of Stardom

Born on April 20, 1970 in Oakland, California, Shemar Moore demonstrated creative flair and a magnetic personality from childhood. His mother, Marilyn Wilson, possessing Irish and French-Canadian heritage, and his father, Sherrod Moore, an African-American, instilled values of diligence and integrity. Moore attended Gunn High School and participated actively in sports. He earned a scholarship to Santa Clara University where he played varsity baseball for four years while pursuing a degree in communications.

Big Break On The Small Screen

After leaving The Young and the Restless in 2005, Shemar Moore wasted no time further demonstrating his acting prowess through complex primetime characters. On the CBS crime series Criminal Minds he shone in the role of Derek Morgan, an FBI supervisory special agent with a mysterious past. Moore brought sensitivity, intensity, and depth to the fan favorite character over 11 successful seasons.

Shemar Moore Career

Shemar Franklin Net Worth 2023 has built an enduring career over the past three decades marked by compelling performances on the big and small screen. After getting his big break in 1994 on the soap opera The Young and Restless, Moore honed his acting skills through meaty primetime roles.

As supervisory special agent Derek Morgan on CBS’ long-running crime series Criminal Minds, Shemar Moore electrified audiences with his charisma and intensity. The character, grappling with a troubled past, allowed Moore to showcase his emotional depth and sincerity. Fans connected deeply to Morgan’s complexity and leadership on the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. Moore brought valor and vulnerability to the fan favorite character for over 10 years.

In 2017, Shemar Moore dove into his next major television role on CBS’ action series S.W.A.T. As sergeant II Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson, leader of a specialized tactical unit, Moore expanded his repertoire. Drawing from his natural athleticism, Moore executed the role’s physical rigor convincingly while also emphasizing Hondo’s intelligence and strategic planning abilities.

Shemar Moore Personal Life

Shemar Franklin Net Worth 2023 While intensely private about his personal affairs, Shemar Moore’s life took a momentous turn upon welcoming daughter Frankie Moore on January 24, 2023. Moore shares Frankie with long-time girlfriend Jesiree Dizon. The blissfully happy couple started dating in 2020 and currently reside together in Los Angeles.

Prior to Dizon, Moore enjoyed a series of short-term relationships and casual dating. His first high-profile romance was with actress Sanaa Lathan in the early 1990s. Their youthful marriage lasted 5 years, ending amicably in 1996. Moore also dated actress Anabelle Acosta briefly in 2018 in addition to a year-long relationship with soccer player Shawna Gordon ending in 2015.

While no longer the serial dater of his past, Shemar Moore remains highly selective about who he shares his private world with. Parenthood now takes center stage as he wholeheartedly embraces fatherhood. Moore actively posts adorable photos with baby Frankie on social media, proudly chronicling her many milestones.

Shemar Moore Education

Shemar Franklin Net Worth 2023 Prior to rising to fame, Shemar Moore devoted himself to building a strong educational foundation. His early schooling started locally at The Nueva School in Hillsborough, California. He then graduated from Gunn High School in Palo Alto where his outgoing personality and athleticism shone as student body president and baseball team captain.

Academic diligence earned Moore a scholarship to Santa Clara University. Majoring in communications, he excelled through a robust curriculum combining writing, public speaking, marketing and media classes. Moore balanced his course load with starring on Santa Clara’s varsity baseball team for four straight years.

Through both its discipline and creativity, Moore’s communications degree equipped him well for performance-related careers. The well-rounded university experience expanded his worldliness and ability to connect with diverse groups. Exposure to broadcasting and journalism provided early training for interfacing with media and managing public persona.

What Is Shemar Moore Net Worth 2023

Shemar Franklin Net Worth 2023 has built up an impressive net worth of $22 million as of 2023, cementing his status as one of the most financially successful actors on American television. While various reports over the years have provided differing figures ranging from $22 million to as high as $28 million, the consensus among credible publications such as Celebrity Net Worth settles Shemar Moore’s current fortune at around $22 million.

The bulk of Shemar Moore’s wealth stems from his luminous acting career spanning nearly three decades in Hollywood. Through massively popular roles in daytime soap operas such as The Young and the Restless to primetime hits like Criminal Minds and the ongoing success of S.W.A.T – Shemar Moore’s salary from his acting work alone over the years contributes to the lion’s share of his $22 million net worth today.

At the peak of his fame starring on The Young and the Restless, media reports confirm Moore was earning close to $175,000 per episode – making him one of the highest paid actors on daytime television in the mid-2000s. Similarly, later on hits like Criminal Minds and now S.W.A.T, Moore continues to earn around a sizable $175,000 per episode keeping his net worth in healthy shape.


Shemar Franklin Net Worth 2023 With an exceptional performance repertoire across television and film, along with over two decades contributing to humanitarian efforts, Shemar Moore has clearly made his mark on the entertainment industry and beyond. By parlaying raw talent into acclaimed acting roles, while simultaneously leveraging his platform to drive social change, Moore has cemented a multidimensional legacy set to motivate future generations of performers and philanthropists alike. Though the next phase of his career remains unwritten, Shemar Moore’s palpable passion, character-driven creative pursuits, and desire to uplift others promises impactful encore performances on and off the screen. Regardless of future endeavors, his unique spark stands to inspire wherever his journey leads.

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