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Salah Bachir Introduction

If you’re searching for an inspiring Canadian figure, look no further than Salah Bachir, CM OOnt. He is not just a name but an embodiment of excellence, a Canadian business executive, entrepreneur, publisher, art collector, fundraiser, and philanthropist. Born in Lebanon on October 3, 1955, Bachir’s life journey is nothing short of remarkable. Let’s delve into the life and achievements of this exceptional individual.

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Name:Salah Bachir
Age:68 years old
Birthdath:3 October 1955
Source of Income:Businessman
Birth Place:Canada
Zodiac Sign (Horoscope):Libra
Name of the Day:Monday

Salah Bachir Personal Life

A Sports Enthusiast

Bachir formative years were marked by a deep passion for sports. He engaged in a variety of athletic activities, including hockey, football, and lacrosse. His involvement in sports not only shaped his character but also instilled in him a sense of determination and teamwork that would later play a pivotal role in his life.

A Young Philanthropist

At the age of 15, Salah Bachir Net worth compassion for social causes became evident. He picketed outside a Dominion store in support of Cesar Chavez and the farm workers during the grape boycott. His dedication and activism led to raising $150 for the cause, a testament to his early commitment to making a difference.

Interests and Hobbies

Outside of work, Bachir enjoys collecting art, literature, and learning about diverse cultures. An epicurean, he is known for throwing lavish dinner parties featuring gourmet food. Bachir also has an impeccable sense of style, favoring colorful hats, scarves, brooches, and other statement accessories.

Salah Bachir Career

Founding of Phamous Characters

Bachir founded the influential media, production, publishing and sponsorship company Phamous Characters. This launched his career as an entrepreneur and industry force.

President of Cineplex Media

As President of Cineplex Media until 2022, Bachir helped negotiate the creation of the Scene loyalty program through a partnership between Cineplex and Scotiabank.

Thought Leadership

Bachir is a prominent speaker and author. His memoir “First to Leave the Party” chronicles his intersections with fame and philanthropic impact.

Awards and Honors

Bachir has received the Order of Canada, Order of Ontario, and five honorary doctorates celebrating his business leadership and commitment to arts and social justice.

What Is Salah Bachir Net Worth?

Numbers: Unveiling the Estimates

Salah Bachir net worth is a subject of interest for many. Various sources have attempted to quantify his financial success, but the figures can differ significantly. According to our analysis of several sources, including Wikipedia, Forbes, Business Insider, and SeeNetWorth, Salah Bachir’s net worth is approximately $5 million as of 2023.

However, it’s essential to note that not all sources agree on this figure. For instance, Wikilogy estimates his net worth to be $1.5 million as of 2023. This disparity highlights the challenges in determining an exact net worth for public figures, as different sources employ varying methods and data sources.

Variability of Net Worth Estimates

Several factors contribute to the variability in Salah Bachir net worth estimates. These factors include income from multiple sources, investments, asset valuations, and charitable contributions. Additionally, different sources may use distinct databases, financial disclosures, and estimation techniques.

Salah Bachir Education

A Scholar Path

Salah Bachir pursued his academic interests by majoring in history and political science at the prestigious University of Waterloo. This foundational education laid the groundwork for his future endeavors, equipping him with the critical thinking and analytical skills essential for success.

Honorary Doctorates

In recognition of his significant contributions to various fields, Salah Bachir has been bestowed with five honorary doctorates. These accolades come from renowned institutions, including the University of Alberta, Ryerson University, York University, OCAD University, and Wilfrid Laurier University. These honorary doctorates are a testament to his influence and the respect he commands in academic circles.

Multifaceted Professional

Salah Bachir is not just a man of letters; he is a successful entrepreneur, executive, publisher, producer, author, and speaker. His diverse professional journey showcases his versatility and innovative spirit.

Salah Bachir Home Town

A Renaissance Man

Salah Bachir is more than just a notable figure; he is a Canadian patron of the arts, entrepreneur, philanthropist, magazine publisher, and the President of Cineplex Media. His diverse and successful career path speaks volumes about his versatility and ability to excel in various domains.

Home in Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario, serves as the backdrop to Salah Bachir’s remarkable life. This vibrant Canadian city is not just his place of residence but also a canvas for his philanthropic endeavors and contributions to the arts. His impact in the local community is significant, and Toronto has embraced him as one of its own.

Family Life

Salah Bachir shares his life in Toronto with his husband, the artist Jacob Yerex. Together, they have formed a partnership that thrives on creativity, art, and shared passions. Their life together is a testament to love, collaboration, and the celebration of the arts.

Salah Bachir Net worth journey from Lebanon to Canada, his active involvement in sports, and his prominent roles in various fields, all find a home in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. His life is a remarkable blend of cultures, creativity, and a commitment to making the world a better place.


Salah Bachir Net worth, CM OOnt, is not just a successful business executive and entrepreneur; he is a beacon of hope, change, and philanthropy. His journey from Lebanon to Canada, his passion for sports, and his commitment to making a difference have left an indelible mark on the Canadian landscape. Salah Bachir’s story is an inspiration for all, showing that with determination and compassion, one can truly make the world a better place.

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