Raymond Santana Net Worth, Career, Income, Age, Family, and More

Raymond Santana’s Net Worth: The Businessman Who Overcame Injustice

Raymond Santana net worth, is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has built up a net worth of $5-6 million, despite facing great adversity early in life. Though known to many as one of the Central Park Five who were wrongfully convicted in 1990, Santana has forged a successful career in fashion and business. This article will explore Santana’s background, his business ventures, income sources, and net worth.

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Real Name:Raymond Santana Jr.
Birthday:September 7, 1974
Birth Sign:Virgo
Height:5 feet 10 inches or 1.8 meters
Weight:80 kgs or 178 lbs
Partner :Chandra Davis aka Deelishis
Kids:Melleah Symone
ParentsRaymond Santana Sr.
Professions:Businessman, Social Activist, Fashion Designer, Social Media Influencer
Hair Color:Bald
Shoe Size:10 (US)
Net Worth:$5 million

Overview of Raymond Santana’s Net Worth

Most sources estimate Raymond Santana’s current net worth to be around $5-6 million. This is impressive considering he spent years wrongfully imprisoned and lacked educational opportunities early in life. Santana has earned his wealth through smart investments, his clothing brand, and his talent management company. His annual income from these businesses and other sources is estimated to be over $40,000 per month. Though he does not disclose his exact earnings, Santana lives a comfortable lifestyle thanks to the wealth he has amassed.

Early Life and False Imprisonment

Raymond Santana was born in Harlem in 1974. Not much is known about his family and upbringing. In 1989, when he was 14, Santana was one of five black and Latino teenagers who were wrongfully convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park. Despite no evidence connecting them to the crime, the group now known as the Central Park Five spent between 6 and 13 years in prison before their convictions were overturned.

Santana himself spent almost six years imprisoned before being released in 1996. Despite losing this period of his life and youth unfairly, Santana has moved past the injustice and built success in business. He was paid a settlement of over $40 million by New York City in 2014 for his wrongful imprisonment.

Fashion and Clothing Investments

After gaining his freedom, Santana started investing his money in fashion brands. He saw the potential of urban clothing lines and put funds into businesses like FUBU and Sean John. His investments provided capital to grow these brands in the early 2000s and paid off handsomely when they increased greatly in value.

Santana used his profits to launch his own clothing brand, Park Madison NYC. The brand manufactures high-end menswear including suits, coats, and accessories. Park Madison NYC has its own stores and sells through other retailers. As owner and CEO, Santana continues developing his fashion empire. Other figures in the hip hop community like A$AP Rocky have worn Park Madison NYC.

Santana Management and Other Income Sources

Along with the clothing brand, Santana founded Santana Management, a talent management firm. The company helps artists, athletes, and influencers with PR, branding, and marketing. It provides Santana with additional income from commissions and a professional interest apart from fashion.

Between the consistent profits from Park Madison NYC, income from Santana Management, and returns on other investments, Santana brings in steady money. While less publicized than his Central Park history, Santana has proven himself an intelligent businessman and entrepreneur. Conservative estimates place his annual income from business activities at over $40,000 per month or $500,000 per year.

Highlights of Raymond Santana’s Net Worth

  • Net worth estimated between $5-6 million
  • Made tens of millions from wrongful imprisonment settlement
  • Invested in and helped grow major urban fashion brands
  • Founded successful clothing brand Park Madison NYC
  • Started talent management firm Santana Management
  • Brings in over $500,000 per year from businesses
  • Lives a comfortable lifestyle despite difficult past

Frequently Asked Questions About Raymond Santana’s Net Worth

Q1. How did Raymond Santana make his money?

Santana earned much of his net worth through smart investments in other fashion companies and founding his own brand, Park Madison NYC. A large portion also came from the settlement he received for being wrongly imprisoned.

Q2. What is Park Madison NYC?

Park Madison NYC is the successful high-end menswear company founded and run by Santana. It sells coats, suits, and other accessories.

Q3. What is Santana Management?

Santana Management is a talent management company also founded by Santana. It provides services to athletes, artists, and influencers.

Q4. How much did Raymond Santana get paid for his wrongful conviction?

Santana received over $40 million in compensation from the city of New York for being wrongly imprisoned in the Central Park jogger case.

Q5. How old is Raymond Santana?

Raymond Santana was born in 1974 and is currently 49 years old as of 2023.

Q6. Does Santana have a wife and family?

While little is known about his personal life, there are no reports that Santana has a wife. He does have a daughter born in the 2000s.


  • Despite losing years of his life to injustice, Raymond Santana has shown resilience and forged an impressive career as an entrepreneur.
  • With smart investments and successful businesses in fashion and talent management, he has built a net worth of $5-6 million.
  • Santana’s story demonstrates that you can overcome early challenges and find success by following your passion.
  • His continuing work in business indicates that Santana’s net worth will likely keep rising in the coming years through his clothing empire and management company.

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