Pete Hegseth Net Worth 2023 Bios, Life, Television, Career, Education, And More

Pete Hegseth Introduction

Pete Hegseth has become one of the most recognizable faces on Fox News through his outspoken conservative commentary and willingness to tackle hot-button political issues. However, before emerging as a political voice, Hegseth served his country in combat and continued his service through veterans’ advocacy. His journey reflects the diverse life experiences that have shaped his hardline views.

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Name:Pete Hegseth
Date of Birth:June 6, 1980
Age:42 years old
Birthplace:Forest Lake, Minnesota, United States
Profession:Television Host
Height:1.82 m
Weight:77 kg

Pete Hegseth Early Life

From Minnesota to Princeton: Early Life and Education

Hegseth grew up in Forest Lake, Minnesota in a middle-class family and attended the local public high school. Described as a focused and competitive student from a young age, Hegseth was drawn to student government and leadership roles. He became one of the few from his town to attend an Ivy League university.

At Princeton University, Hegseth continued his interest in politics and debate. He led the College Republicans group and wrote for the university’s conservative newspaper. As an Infantry Officer in Princeton’s Army ROTC program, Hegseth started on the path that would come to define much of his adult life. He graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in political science.

Seeking to expand his policy education, Hegseth later attended the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, completing his Master’s in Public Policy in 2013. His Ivy League background has lent intellectual heft to his commentary.

Pete Hegseth Career

Pete Hegseth has taken an unconventional path from serving overseas in uniform to becoming a firebrand conservative pundit. His career reflects the close ties between veteran credibility and right-wing commentary in today’s media landscape.

Military Service Establishes Expertise

Hegseth was born in 1980 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and later graduated from Princeton University in 2003. However, his formative experiences instead came on battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As an infantry officer deployed with the National Guard from 2005-2009, Hegseth served in combat roles. His heroism earning two Bronze Stars and a Combat Infantryman Badge under fire cemented first-hand knowledge of warfare’s gritty realities.

Those experiences overseas left Hegseth disenchanted with military failures and skeptical of foreign interventions. They would later inform his sharp criticism of leaders in Washington D.C as a conservative commentator.

Pete Hegseth Personal Life

Pete Hegseth, the conservative Fox News personality, has experienced a winding personal path on his way to fame and influence. His romantic life has involved multiple marriages, divorces, and even instances of admitted infidelity resulting in children while still wed to another woman.

Early Marriage and Divorce

Pete Hegseth Net Worth 2023 married his first wife, Meredith Schwarz, in 2004. Together they would have three children over the next five years – Gunner, Boone, and Rex. However, pressures from Hegseth’s military deployments took a toll, and they divorced in 2009 after five years of marriage.

The experience left Hegseth a single father juggling parental and career responsibilities even as his media profile rose. Nonetheless, he soon found love again.

Second Marriage Fraught With Infidelity

In 2010, Hegseth wed Samantha Deering and took on the role of stepfather to her daughter Gwen. Over the next three years Deering gave birth to two more children with Hegseth.

However, during a stint working in New York in 2017, Hegseth began an extramarital relationship with Jennifer Rauchet, a Fox News executive producer. Their affair resulted in the birth of another child despite Hegseth still being married to Deering at the time.

Hegseth’s personal indiscretions while married and outspoken social conservatism on television unsurprisingly led to public scrutiny of his private choices. Nonetheless, he continues his relationship with Rauchet.

Pete Hegseth Education

Pete Hegseth Net Worth 2023 attended Princeton University, graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree in politics. He balanced the rigorous academics of the Ivy League institution with physically demanding training as an Army ROTC cadet.

At Princeton, Hegseth also indulged his interest in political debate as head of the College Republicans group on campus. He wrote for conservative student publications like the Princeton Tory, hinting at the partisan perspectives that would later define his television persona.

Nonetheless, the ROTC training during his undergraduate years laid the foundation for Hegseth’s military career and service overseas. The lessons in leadership and resilience learned at Princeton would soon face tests in real-world combat.

Kennedy School and a Master’s Degree

A decade after his Princeton graduation, while building a veterans advocacy career, Hegseth headed back to the halls of elite academia. He enrolled in Harvard’s prestigious Kennedy School of Government, completing a Master’s Degree in Public Policy in 2013.

The credential lent Hegseth greater authority as he was emerging as a frequent voice on Fox News, discussing foreign policy and military issues. The Kennedy School degree suggested intellectual rigor underlying his hawkish takes.

What Is Pete Hegseth Net Worth 2023

Pete Hegseth Net Worth 2023 is an American Fox News contributor and a co-host of the network’s morning show “Fox & Friends Weekend.” As a Fox News personality, Hegseth likely earns a sizable salary that contributes significantly to his net worth. However, his exact Fox News earnings are not publicly disclosed.

Celebrity net worth and wealth estimation websites estimate Pete Hegseth’s net worth to be around $19 million as of 2023.

The bulk of his net worth likely comes from his long career as a conservative television pundit and commentator with Fox News. He has been with the network since 2014.

In addition to his Fox News salary and contributions, Hegseth has earned income from serving in the military, authoring books, public speaking events, and other endeavors over his career.

Hegseth may also have investments, assets, real estate properties, etc. that add to his $19 million estimated net worth, but details are not made public.


In conclusion, Pete Hegseth Net Worth 2023 has become an impactful figure across multiple fields. As the co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, he leverages a prominent media platform to provide conservative viewpoints on current affairs to a broad audience. Hegseth has also achieved #1 bestselling author status for his recent book Battle for the American Mind, building on past literary successes.

Moreover, Hegseth is a decorated Army combat veteran, having served in Iraq and Afghanistan and earned commendations such as two Bronze Stars. His firsthand military experiences inform his articulate political commentary today. With a distinguished career spanning television, literature, and infantry service – all amplified by his Harvard and Princeton education – Pete Hegseth has emerged as an influential voice at the intersection of media and public policy.

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