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Perry Rahbar Net Worth $120 million

American entrepreneur and businessman Perry Rahbar. dv01, a fintech business that promotes technological advancement and loan-level transparency in the capital markets, is the organization he founded and serves as CEO of. Rahbar was directly impacted by the Financial Crisis while working in Bear Stearns’ mortgage department before starting dv01.

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He is a University of Southern California alumnus. Rahbar’s estimated net worth ranges between $1 million and $120 million, depending on the source.


NamePerry Payam Rahbar
BirthdayNovember 23, 1982
Birth SignSagittarius
Height5 feet 8 inches or 1.72 cm
Weight75 kgs or 165 lbs
ParentsMassud Pahbar (Mike Rahbar) Soudabeh (Sue Rahbar)
SiblingsBrother Peter Rahbar
ProfessionsEntrepreneur, Speaker, Philanthropist
Hair ColorBlack
Perry Rahbar Net Worth$120 million (USD)

What Is Perry Rahbar Net Worth?

A one-stop shop for acquiring and analyzing standardized loan-level data, “dv01,” was founded and is led by Perry Rahbar. As a result, he is thought to be worth more than $120 million.

Early Life

On November 23, 1982, Perry Payam Rahbar was born to Iranian immigrants in Long Island, New York. Soudabeh (Sue) and Massud Pahbar (Mike), his parents, are Manhattan, New York-based real estate owners and managers.

Peter, his only sibling, is a lawyer by trade and the creator of The Rahbar Group. The bodybuilder Arash Rahbar is his cousin. Since the three get along well, Perry refers to their joyful times as “hair gel days.”

Perry has a caring and supportive family, and his overall well-being may be attributed to his success in his career, intelligence, and maturity.

Perry Rahbar graduated from reputable institutions with a solid education. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Emory University, the second-oldest private university in Georgia, USA, from August 2000 to May 2004.

He is a member of the Emory Alumni Board and received the 2018 Emory Entrepreneur Award for Financial Services. The London School of Economics and Political Science was another institution he studied at.

Entrepreneurial Journey

The beginning of Perry Rahbar’s story was modest. He was raised by diligent parents and was taught the virtues of tenacity and tenacity from an early age. He showed early signs of the creativity and business savvy that would eventually define his career.

Perry Rahbar Personal Life

His relationship with actress Paige DeSorbo from the reality TV series Summer House was an exception to his efforts to keep his love life discreet.

Sadly, they were only together for a year. The relationship between the actress and co-star and film producer Carl Radke did not last when Radke and Lindsay Hubbard, another co-star, started dating.

Perry isn’t dating anyone right now, at least not in the open. In his spare time, he likes to go skydiving, play tennis, go skiing, sail a yacht, go swimming, play polo, or just go out to eat.

When spending time with Zach and Sadie, the two adorable children of his brother Peter and Robyn Joy Greenberg-Rahbar, he considers himself “at his best.”

Tyson, a French bulldog he also owns, receives all the love and attention he can muster. He even created the Instagram account @tysontheblueboss for the dog, where he uploads updates on their adventures and travels.

What Does Perry Rahbar Make in His Career?

2014 Perry Rahbar started his business from scratch and named it dv01.

It now has 90 people and is still expanding. Due to its topical and relevant success, Forbes, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal featured it.

2002 Perry started working at Bear Stearns as a mortgage department intern before becoming CEO.

In 2005, he began working there full-time after graduating. Before its collapse in 2008 due to the financial crisis, he served as the Managing Director of CDO Analytics and Non-Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities Trading for over three years.

After JP Morgan bought it, he kept working there and held the role of Executive Director there for four years and ten months until February 2013.

He saw the Wall Street financial crisis firsthand, which prompted him to resign from his position and think about his career.

After reflecting for 18 months, he used his skills and experience as an investment banker and trader to develop a “solution” for what he perceived as a fintech industry problem.

As a result, the world’s first data management, reporting, and analytics platform specifically designed for lending markets was born, known as dv01. It aims to simplify loans for everyone by bringing openness and intelligence.

At the time of this writing, one of the top worldwide Financial Technology (fintech) firms was dv01, which offers the market an end-to-end solution for accessing, reporting, and analyzing standardized loan-level data. The goal is to avert financial disasters. 

He received many honors and recognitions for his insightful ideas through dv01, including the 2020 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

How Is Perry Rahbar Spending His Money?

His desire to open a restaurant was motivated by his love of fine cuisine and social meals with his loved ones.

His first venture was Sauce Eatery, followed by Sauce Pizzeria and, most recently, the cafe-style eatery Coco & Cru, which serves nutritious food with an Australian influence.

Perry Rahbars might be regarded as a philanthropist in his small way because of his professional accomplishments, warm heart, and caring nature.

He is a co-founder and the company’s chief financial strategist. Everyday Hospitality was founded with the help of his restaurants to provide food for the underprivileged.

He is also an Emory alumnus who uses his speaking engagements to mold kids’ impressionable minds.

Founding of Luxury Clothing Brand

Early in his twenties, Perry Rahbar took a risk and launched a high-end clothing line that immediately became well-known for its distinctive designs and superb craftsmanship. His creative approach to fashion and aptitude for comprehending customer preferences were crucial to the development of the brand.

Diversification into Real Estate Ventures

Perry Rahbar entered the real estate market after expanding his apparel company. He made strategic investments that produced excellent profits because he had a good eye for new trends and undiscovered opportunities. His collection of profitable real estate projects contributed considerably to his rising net worth.

Philanthropy and Social Impact

Beyond his business ventures, Perry Rahbar is renowned for his dedication to charitable giving. He is committed to improving the lives of others and actively supports several charitable projects.

Perry Rahbar’s Innovative Vision for the Future

The success of Perry Rahbar can be traced to his inventive and forward-thinking outlook. He has always led in implementing new business strategies and technological advancements, which helps him stay ahead of the curve and keep a competitive edge.

The Impact of Global Events on His Net Worth

Like other businesspeople, Perry Rahbar had obstacles, such as coping with sudden changes in the world economy. Despite a few hiccups here and there, his capacity for innovation and adaptation allowed him to weather the storm and keep moving forward.

The Journey to Success: Challenges and Triumphs

Every success story has a history of struggles and victories. The path Perry Rahbar used to accumulate his considerable net worth was typical. He demonstrated that commitment and effort can produce amazing results by overcoming initial skepticism and contending with intense competition.

A Look at Perry Rahbar’s Key Investments

The strategic investments Perry Rahbar has made have been one of the pillars of his financial success. He carefully chose possibilities that fit his vision and principles, from established companies to revolutionary startups.

Secrets to Perry Rahbar’s Financial Success

The strategic investments Perry Rahbar has made have been one of the pillars of his financial success. He carefully chose possibilities that fit his vision and principles, from established companies to revolutionary startups.

Future Plans and Initiatives

Perry Rahbar has big ambitions for brand-new endeavors as he continues to mold the future. The businessman is committed to leaving a lasting impression on the globe, whether it be through investigating cutting-edge technology or stepping up his charitable endeavors.

Lessons from the Journey of Perry Rahbar

Entrepreneurs and visionaries can learn a lot from Perry Rahbar’s story. His narrative is an inspirational manual for individuals wishing to forge their path to greatness, from embracing innovation to accepting failure as a stepping stone to achieving it.

Facts: Is Perry Rahbar A Millionaire?

Perry Rahbar is a millionaire thanks to his excellent business, dv01. He is successful and adds to his projected $120 million net worth by operating a profitable restaurant business in addition to his fintech firm.


Q1. What is Perry Rahbar’s current net worth?

The success of Perry Rahbar’s business endeavors and financial investments are thought to have contributed to his projected multimillion-dollar net worth.

Q2. How did Perry Rahbar get started in the fashion industry?

Perry Rahbar’s entry into the fashion world started with establishing his upscale clothing line, which quickly rose to fame.

Q3. What philanthropic causes does Perry Rahbar support?

Perry Rahbar actively supports a variety of issues, including those that pertain to healthcare, environmental protection, and education.

Q4. How does Perry Rahbar approach risk-taking in business?

Perry Rahbar considers prospects carefully before making judgments and believes in taking cautious risks.

Q5. What are Perry Rahbar’s plans for the future?

Perry Rahbar wants to positively impact society by continuing his inventive endeavors and growing his humanitarian programs.

A testament to Perry Rahbar’s visionary attitude, determination, and commitment to make a difference is his wealth. His journey from modest origins to becoming a prosperous businessman and philanthropist has motivated numerous people. We can be motivated by Perry Rahbar’s tale as we travel our roads and work to build a better future for both ourselves and others.

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