Marvin Humes Net Worth 2023 Life, Age, Singer, Education, And More

Marvin Humes Introduction

Marvin Humes is an English singer, songwriter, actor, DJ, and television presenter who has amassed an impressive net worth. He is best known for being a member of the popular boy band JLS. Over his long career, Humes has built considerable wealth through music, television, and other business ventures.

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Name:Marvin Humes
Date Of Birth:18 March 1985
Profession:English singer and DJ
Birth Place:Greenwich, United Kingdom
Age:38 years
Home Town:England
Birth Country:United Kingdom
Parents:Sharon Humes, Colin Hurrell Humes

Marvin Humes Early Life

Humes was born on March 18, 1985 in Greenwich, London. From an early age, he was interested in music and performance. He was previously part of a band called VS, although they disbanded due to underwhelming sales.

Humes found major success when he became a member of JLS in 2007. After competing on the fifth season of The X Factor UK, JLS finished as runners up. However, they were soon signed to Epic Records and began releasing popular singles. Over the next five years, JLS became one of the biggest boy bands in the UK. According to reports, the band sold over 10 million records worldwide during their run.

Television Hosting And Other Ventures

After JLS broke up in 2013, Humes began establishing himself as a television presenter. He co-hosted the BBC music competition The Voice UK from 2013-2016 alongside Emma Willis. Humes also became a regular guest host on popular daytime TV shows like Loose Women and This Morning.

More recently, Humes has found success hosting the entertainment show The Hit List alongside his wife Rochelle. He has leveraged his hosting skills and music industry connections to become a fixture on British television. Humes also works as a DJ and co-founded the London-based house music label MTA Records.

Marvin Humes Early Life

Outside of the spotlight, Marvin Humes leads an eventful personal life as a loving husband and father. He has been married to singer and TV presenter Rochelle Humes since 2012. The celebrity power couple has three children together and seems to enjoy family life outside of their busy careers.

Marvin Humes Personal Life

Marriage To Rochelle Humes

Marvin Humes Net Worth 2023 met singer Rochelle Wiseman in 2010 when both their bands were performing on the same tour. After dating for over a year, Marvin proposed to Rochelle in the Maldives in 2011. They tied the knot in 2012 at the prestigious Blenheim Palace, with over 200 guests in attendance.

By all accounts, Marvin and Rochelle have a happy and healthy relationship. They often share glimpses into their home life on social media and during interviews. Even after being together for over a decade, the couple seems as in love as ever.

In 2022, Marvin and Rochelle renewed their wedding vows in a lavish ceremony at Lake Como, Italy. They decided to celebrate 10 years together by declaring their love again surrounded by close friends and family.

Family Background

Marvin Humes Net Worth 2023 As for his own upbringing, Marvin Humes grew up in Greenwich, London born to parents Sharon and Colin Humes. His mother is of Scottish descent while his father has Jamaican heritage.

Marvin has two brothers named Leon Humes and Jackson Humes. He credits his brothers with getting him into singing and dancing from a young age. The three siblings remain close to this day.

Marvin Humes Education

While details on Marvin Humes’ education are scarce, we know he developed a deep passion for music and performance from a young age. Humes cites Michael Jackson as his biggest inspiration growing up in Greenwich, London.

In various interviews, Humes has stated that he always loved to sing and entertain people. He would reportedly spend hours mimicking Jackson’s dance moves and vocals. By his early teens, Humes began performing in local venues with friends.

Although the name of the school is unclear, Humes has mentioned being disruptive in class due to his obsession with practicing music and dance routines. His interests were clearly more aligned with the arts rather than academics.

Humes became involved with a band called VS in the early 2000s while still being a teenager. The group was eventually signed by a subdivision of Sony BMG. However, after releasing a few singles with disappointing sales, VS was dropped from their contract.

What Is Marvin Humes Net Worth 2023

Marvin Humes £4 Million Net Worth

According to reports, Marvin Humes has accrued an impressive net worth of approximately £4 million as of November 2023. His fortune stems primarily from his shares in JLS’ album sales and touring revenue during their 5 years together as a band.

Income Sources

Marvin Humes Net Worth 2023 income streams that contribute to his wealth today include TV presenting salaries, brand sponsorships/endorsements, appearances, and DJing gigs across the UK’s biggest radio stations and nightclubs.

With his young family, Marvin seems keen to focus more on his broadcasting career moving forward. But his days as a popstar enabled him to become a wealthy celebrity and MEDIA personality in his late 30s.

His net worth is expected to steadily grow thanks to his multi-faceted skill set and popularity on British radio/TV.


In review, Marvin Humes Net Worth 2023 has achieved impressive success as both a musician and TV personality. He got his big break on The X Factor in the popular boyband JLS, which propelled him to fame and fortune throughout their five years together. While the group split in 2013, Marvin utilized his industry knowledge and natural charisma to establish himself as a radio DJ and TV presenter. He has hosted major shows like The Voice UK, The Hit List, and served as an X Factor judge. With smart investments and sustained broadcasting gigs, Marvin has accrued an estimated £4 million net worth by age 38. Moving forward, he is well-positioned to continue growing his wealth across the entertainment sector in years to come. Though he got his start as a chart-topping singer, Marvin Humes’ diversified skillset and multimedia presence has enabled him to thrive as a wealthy celebrity beyond his music career.

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