Marcus Scribner Net Worth 2023 Bios, Life, Actor, Career, Education, And More

Marcus Scribner Introduction

Marcus Scribner has come a long way from his early acting days to now starring as Andre Johnson Jr. on the hit ABC sitcom Black-ish and its spinoff Grown-ish. Though only in his early 20s, Scribner has already amassed an impressive net worth from his acting successes. Let’s take a closer look at the rising young star’s fortune.

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Name:Marcus Scribner
Date of Birth:7 January 2000
Age:23 years old
Birthplace:Los Angeles, California, United States
Profession:American Actor
Hair Colour:Brown

Marcus Scribner Early Life

Marcus Scribner was born on January 7, 2000 in Los Angeles, California. From the age of seven, Scribner began dedicated acting classes to hone his craft every weekend. His commitment paid off when he booked his first guest-starring role on Castle at age ten.

Landing His Breakout Role

Scribner’s big break came in 2014 when he landed the role of Andre “Junior” Johnson Jr. on Black-ish at the age of fourteen. The sitcom not only became a hit but has given Scribner the chance to grow up onscreen alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

How Much Does Scribner Earn Per Episode of Black-ish?

As one of the show’s core stars, Scribner now earns a sizable salary per episode. Reports estimate he makes between $50,000 to $100,000 per episode of Black-ish as of 2022. With new seasons often running over 20 episodes, this adds a significant amount to Scribner’s rising fortune.

Marcus Scribner Career

Though just in his early 20s, Marcus Scribner has already achieved a remarkable acting career that most spend decades building. Fueled by both precocious talent and non-stop drive, Scribner has gone from commercial child actor to Primetime Emmy-nominated sitcom star who carries his own blockbuster spinoff series as well. Let’s explore the meteoric rise of this dynamic young talent.

Discovering His Passion Early

Born in Los Angeles in 2000, Marcus Scribner’s destiny for stardom revealed itself early. He immersed himself in intensive acting classes from age seven, dedicating entire weekends to honing his craft. Scribner’s first big break came at just ten years old when he landed a guest spot on the hit series Castle in 2010.

Securing The Role Of A Lifetime

Scribner’s career shifted into hyperdrive in 2014 when he scored the role of Andre “Junior” Johnson on ABC’s new comedy Black-ish. As one of the show’s central characters, Scribner drew critical praise for his portrayal of the hip, socially conscious son in an upper-middle-class African-American family. Black-ish – and Scribner – soon became darlings of the awards circuit.

Marcus Scribner Personal Life

Marcus Scribner Net Worth 2023 has become a bonafide Hollywood star thanks to his breakout role on ABC’s Emmy-nominated sitcom Black-ish and the hit spinoff Grown-ish. But behind the fame and accolades, who is the real Marcus Scribner when the cameras stop rolling? Let’s peel back the curtain on his life beyond the screen.

Family And Background

While fiercely private about his personal affairs, Scribner has shared tidbits over the years about his family and upbringing. His parents are Troy and Angela Scribner. Marcus has one sister named Athena who has dabbled in modeling and acting herself. The Scribners seem to be a close-knit LA family that exposed Marcus to the entertainment industry at a young age.

Passions Outside Acting

A dedicated actor since childhood, performing remains Scribner’s top passion. But he has other interests that speak to his inquisitive nature beyond theatre and film sets. An avid reader since his youth, Scribner has mentioned immersing himself in books spanning history to sci-fi thrillers to Shakespeare when not working.

Marcus Scribner Education

From a young age, Marcus Scribner demonstrated not just precocious acting ability but also a sharp intellect. As his acting career took off, Scribner has had to strike a balance between continued education and the demands of his star-making role on ABC’s hit sitcom Black-ish. Let’s review the schooling that helped set the stage for his success.

Discovering His Calling

A Los Angeles native born in 2000, Marcus Scribner’s creative side emerged early on. He began intensive acting lessons at age seven, dedicating full weekends to honing his craft. Though considered an unusual move for a child, it speaks to Scribner’s early passion for performance.

Beyond acting classes, Scribner lived the life of a normal student during his elementary school years. He took up playing the clarinet in 5th grade and engaged in regular childhood activities. A scary injury after hitting his head on concrete while playing basketball reminded Scribner he was just a normal kid outside of acting ambitions.

What Is Marcus Scribner Net Worth 2023

Marcus Scribner Net Worth 2023 has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2023, marking a significant increase from recent years.

The bulk of his net worth comes from his starring role as Junior Johnson on the hit ABC sitcom “Black-ish” and its spinoff series “Grown-ish.” He is reported to earn an impressive salary between $50k – $100k per episode for his work on “Black-ish.” With standard 22-episode seasons, this contributes over $1 million annually to his Marcus Scribner Net Worth 2023. Additional income comes from his work on “Grown-ish,” film roles, brand endorsements, investments, and other business ventures.

At just 23 years old, Scribner’s rising fame and continued acting success points to his net worth climbing even higher in the coming years.

So while already financially well-off from his acting, Marcus Scribner’s fortune should continue ballooning to even greater heights as his career stays red hot into the 2020s and beyond. With his talent and drive, $5 million seems just the beginning.


Marcus Scribner Net Worth 2023 has achieved impressive success in the entertainment industry at a young age. With his breakout role on Black-ish catapulting his career as an actor and public figure, Scribner has accumulated a net worth of $3 million already. While financially comfortable, Scribner has shown he is still driven by passion for acting and using his platform for activism. If he continues to take on interesting roles and projects in Hollywood and beyond, his wealth and influence should keep rising substantially in the years ahead. Still just 23, the future looks bright for Scribner to leave his mark as an actor while potentially boosting his net worth over $10 million-plus down the line.

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