What Is Good About Luann de Lesseps Hamptons Haven?

Luann de Lesseps’ Cozy Hamptons Haven


Luann de Lesseps Hamptons Haven, star of The Real Housewives of New York City, considers her Hamptons beach home to be her “safe haven.” Recently renovated, Luann’s Hamptons abode is a comfortable and stylish space that reflects her personality. With great views, cozy decor, and an organized layout, it’s no wonder this home is Luann’s favorite getaway spot.

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A Cozy and Organized Retreat

One of the best things about Luann’s Hamptons home is how cozy and welcoming it feels. She recently renovated the space to create a relaxed but elegant aesthetic. Neutral colors, antique furnishings, and tactile textures like wicker and linen make the home comfortable and beachy.

The living room features white linen sofas and antique books, creating a peaceful place to unwind. Luann’s bedroom has a similar cozy feel, with neutral bedding from her Countess Luann Collection. The serene surroundings make it a perfect retreat from Luann’s busy life in the city.

In addition to the cozy atmosphere, Luann’s home is also neatly organized. Her closet is meticulously arranged, with an exact underwear tally and color-coordinated sections. Luann told Bravo, “I’m a Virgo, so I like to be organized.” This attention to detail is evident throughout the home.

The tidy and comforting environment allows Luann to relax and reset during her Hamptons getaways. According to Luann, “It’s my safe haven where I can kick back, entertain, and enjoy the beach.”

Spectacular Waterfront Views

One of the best features of Luann’s Hamptons home is the spectacular waterfront views. Her bedroom has a large window and French door that look out over the beach and ocean. Waking up to the peaceful seascape is the perfect way to start the day.

Luann’s outdoor deck and pool area also capitalize on the water vistas. She can lounge on the deck furniture or take a dip in the pool while gazing out at the waves. The home’s enviable location right on the beach allows Luann to enjoy the tranquil views and sounds of the sea.

According to Luann, watching the sunset over the water is one of her favorite parts of spending time in the Hamptons. The sweeping coastal views give this home its laid-back, beach house appeal.

Stylish and Sentimental Decor

Throughout her Hamptons abode, Luann has added decor touches that reflect both her style and her sentimental side. Many of the antique furnishings, like the books and baskets, remind Luann of her world travels. She also displays meaningful mementos, like a shoe-shaped award she received for her time on Real Housewives.

The neutral, beachy color scheme creates a relaxed vibe, while high-end finishes add elegance. Luann custom-designed many elements, like the lighting fixtures made from Capodimonte porcelain. She told Bravo, “I wanted a home that was cozy but still polished.”

Luann also blended her passions into the decor. For instance, her music room allows her to enjoy singing and playing the piano – two hobbies she loves. The home is filled with nods to her interests and memories, creating a unique and meaningful space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Luann’s Home

Where is Luann de Lesseps’ house located?

Luann’s Hamptons home is located in the village of Sag Harbor in New York. It sits right on a pristine beach on the East End of Long Island.

What is Luann’s home decor style?

Luann describes the style of her Hamptons home as “cozy elegance.” It features neutral colors, antique furnishings, and tactile elements like wicker and linen. She blended beachy, Hamptons-style decor with polished, upscale touches.

Has Luann renovated the home recently?

Yes, Luann renovated the Sag Harbor beach house in 2021. She updated the kitchen, replaced floors and lighting, and gave the home a refreshed yet classic look.

Does Luann entertain guests in the Hamptons?

Luann often hosts friends and family at her Hamptons home. She says the space is perfect for entertaining with ample indoor and outdoor space. Luann especially loves hosting summer cocktail parties on the beachside deck.

What is Luann’s favorite part of the home?

According to Luann, her favorite spot is the master bedroom. She loves the cozy neutral bedding and the serene views of the ocean right from her room.


For Luann de Lesseps, her Hamptons home is a true sanctuary. The cozy and organized interior, spectacular water views, and meaningful decor create a space where Luann can relax and rejuvenate. This beachside retreat perfectly suits Luann’s laid-back yet elegant taste. With its custom touches and peaceful atmosphere, it’s clear why this house is Luann’s beloved “safe haven.”

Table summarizing key details about Luann de Lesseps’ Hamptons home:

| Detail | Description | |-|-|-|
| Location | Sag Harbor, NY (Hamptons) | | Style | “Cozy elegance” with neutral colors and antique furnishings | | Layout | Organized with meticulous closet system | | Views | Spectacular beachfront views from bedroom and outdoor areas | | Decor | Antique furniture, custom lighting, and meaningful keepsakes | | Renovations | Major update in 2021 with new kitchen, floors, etc. | | Favorite Spot | The master bedroom with its cozy feel and water views |

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