Lil Keed Net Worth, The Life and Career of a Rising Hip Hop Artist Cut Short

Lil Keed net worth, born Raqhid Render, was an American rapper and songwriter who was building a promising career in hip hop before his untimely passing in 2022 at the age of 24. Signed to Young Thug’s YSL Records and 300 Entertainment, Keed was considered a protégé of Young Thug and was noted for his melodic style and unique vocal tone. Though his career was brief, Keed made a significant impact and left behind a respected body of work.

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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Lil Keed was born on March 16, 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in the same neighborhood as fellow Atlanta rapper Young Thug, who would later sign Keed to his record label and greatly influence his style.

Keed was inspired to start rapping and recording music after listening to Young Thug’s innovative sound. He began releasing music on Soundcloud in 2015, building a local following in Atlanta. His song “Nameless” went viral in 2016, garnering widespread attention for his trademark melodic flow.

In 2018, Keed released his first mixtape, ‘Trapped on Cleveland’, introducing him as one of Atlanta’s promising new talents. The mixtape featured his breakout hit “Balenciaga.” He quickly followed up with his second mixtape, ‘Keed Talk to Em’, which featured his first collaboration with Young Thug on the song “Proud of Me.”


Full NameRaqhid Jevon Render
Birth DateMarch 16, 1998
DiedMay 13 2022
SiblingsSemaja Render
ProfessionRapper & Songwriter
Net Worth$5 million

Signing to 300 Entertainment and YSL Records

The cosign from Young Thug led to bigger opportunities for the burgeoning artist. In 2018, Keed signed a record deal with 300 Entertainment, the label home to Young Thug, Migos, and Megan Thee Stallion. He also signed to Young Thug’s imprint label, YSL Records.

Joining Young Thug’s label was a major boost for Lil Keed, granting him mentorship from one of hip hop’s most innovative artists as well as access to well-established industry resources. Thug served as an executive producer on all of Keed’s projects released via YSL Records.

Under his new major label deals, Keed continued to build momentum with releases like the mixtape ‘Long Live Mexico’ (2019) and his debut studio album, ‘Trapped on Cleveland 3’ (2019). Singles “Oh My God” and “Million Dollar Mansion” featuring Young Thug generated significant buzz.

Breakthrough with Long Live Mexico and Trapped on Cleveland 3

2019 proved to be Lil Keed’s breakthrough year as his profile significantly rose with his releases on YSL Records and 300 Entertainment. His mixtape ‘Long Live Mexico’ was named one of the best mixtapes of 2019 by critics, showcasing his melodic style and charismatic persona over star-studded production.

He followed up by releasing his first studio album ‘Trapped on Cleveland 3’ in October of 2019. The album debuted at #26 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, establishing Keed as a rising commercial force in hip hop. It featured high-profile collaborations with Travis Scott, Young Thug, Gunna, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Standout tracks like “Pull Up” and “Snake” highlighted Lil Keed’s unique voice and demonstrated his ability to craft infectious hooks and memorable melodies. ‘Trapped on Cleveland 3’ marked the arrival of Keed as both a critical and commercial success in hip hop.

Continued Success with Trapped on Cleveland 3 Deluxe and Keed Talk to Em 2

Riding high off the momentum of his 2019 releases, Lil Keed continued to build his catalog with new material showcasing his artistic growth. In March of 2020, he released ‘Trapped on Cleveland 3 Deluxe’, an expanded edition of his debut album featuring new collaborations with Lil Baby and Roddy Ricch.

Keed again demonstrated his hitmaking ability, with the deluxe edition single “Fox 5” becoming his highest charting solo track to date. More melodic and emotional material like “Wavy” revealed his expanding range as an artist.

In early 2023 following his tragic passing, Lil Keed’s team posthumously released his mixtape ‘Keed Talk to Em 2’ to keep his musical legacy alive. The project was led by the bittersweet single “Self Employed,” reflecting Keed’s hustle and motivation even in his final days. ‘Keed Talk to Em 2’ served as one last display of his dynamic talent and star potential.

Unique Style and Influences

From early in his budding career, Lil Keed stood out for his unconventional melodic style that blended singing and rapping. His high-pitched vocals and talent for crafting infectious hooks made his music accessible and helped him build a loyal fanbase.

Critics noted his similarities to his mentor Young Thug, who served as his primary influence and inspiration. But over time, Keed developed his own distinctive style and flavors within the melody-driven hip hop movement.

His vulnerable lyrical content and reflections on relationships and hardship provided substance and depth to complement his catchy melodies. Whether crafting party anthems or getting personal, Lil Keed’s creativity and charisma made him a compelling artist.

Death and Posthumous Legacy

Tragically, Lil Keed’s rap career was cut abruptly short when he passed away on May 13, 2022 at just 24 years old. According to reports, he died of unknown causes at a Los Angeles rental property.

His death came as a shock to the hip hop community, with artists like Lil Gotit, Lil Yachty, and Lil Gnar mourning the immense talent lost. Keed was survived by his young daughter Naychur and his siblings Lil Gotit and Yak Gotti, who are also pursuing rap careers.

In the short time Lil Keed spent in the spotlight, he made a significant impact and built an impressive body of work. His unique style and melodic sensibility influenced a new generation of artists in Atlanta and beyond.

Though his career was regrettably cut short, Keed’s recordings ensure his legacy lives on. His music continues to reach new listeners, keeping his spirit alive and demonstrating his special ability to touch fans through catchy, emotion-filled music. Keed’s tragic death serves as a reminder to appreciate gifted young artists while they are still with us.

Quick Facts About Lil Keed:

  • Full Name: Raqhid Render
  • Also Known As: Lil Keed
  • Born: March 16, 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Died: May 13, 2022 in Los Angeles, California (aged 24)
  • Children: 1 daughter, Naychur
  • Associated Acts: Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Gotit, Lil Yachty
  • Record Labels: YSL Records, 300 Entertainment
  • Net Worth: Estimated $2 million

Frequently Asked Questions About Lil Keed

How did Lil Keed get discovered?

Lil Keed first got attention in Atlanta’s hip hop scene by releasing music on Soundcloud in 2015. His song “Nameless” went viral online in 2016, eventually leading to Young Thug discovering and mentoring him. Thug later signed him to his label YSL Records.

What was Lil Keed’s biggest song?

Some of Lil Keed’s biggest hits included “Oh My God” featuring YSL labelmate Gunna, “Snake” featuring Travis Scott, and “Fox 5” featuring Lil Uzi Vert. His highest charting solo song was “Fox 5” which reached #64 on the Billboard Hot 100.

How did Lil Keed die?

The cause of Lil Keed’s death is unknown. He passed away on May 13, 2022 at a rental property in the Los Angeles area at the age of 24. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office was investigating his cause of death.

Was Lil Keed related to Young Thug?

Lil Keed and Young Thug were not related. However, Young Thug was a mentor to Lil Keed, signed him to his label YSL Records, and served as executive producer on his projects. Keed considered Thug family and one of his biggest inspirations.

What is Lil Keed’s biggest album?

Lil Keed’s most successful album release was his major label debut studio album ‘Trapped on Cleveland 3’, released in October 2019. It peaked at #26 on the Billboard 200 chart and featured collaborations with Travis Scott, Young Thug, and others.

Who was Lil Keed’s daughter?

Lil Keed had one daughter named Naychur. Information about her and her mother is limited, as Keed kept his personal life private. But he frequently spoke about wanting to take care of his daughter and provide for her future before his untimely passing.


Though his promising career was unfairly cut short, Lil Keed made an indelible impact during his brief time in the spotlight. His uniquely melodic style and charismatic energy resonated with hip hop fans. While gone too soon, Keed’s recordings stand as a testament to his impressive talents. His music lives on as his legacy, continuing to inspire young artists to embrace their own creativity and originality.

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