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Jo Koy Introduction

Jo Koy has become one of the most popular and successful stand-up comedians of the last decade. His unique perspective that comes from his diverse background has allowed him to connect with a wide range of audiences. Koy’s rise to fame started from humble beginnings but through hard work and perseverance, he has solidified himself as a major force in the world of comedy.

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Name:Jo Koy
Date of Birth:June 2, 1971
Age:51 years old
Place of Birth:Tacoma
Sources of wealth:Stand-up Comedian, Actor
Net Worth:$7 million

Jo Koy Early Life

Joseph Glenn Herbert was born on June 2, 1971, in Tacoma, Washington. His father was in the U.S. Air Force and met his Filipino mother while stationed in the Philippines. The family moved around frequently due to his father’s military service, living in Spain and several locations around the United States.

As a child, Jo faced racism and struggled to find a sense of identity as a biracial kid. His family bestowed him the nickname “Jo Koy” which would eventually become his professional stage name. Even from a young age, Koy had a knack for making people laugh. He credits his mother for nurturing his talents in comedy and acting.

After finishing high school, Koy briefly attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas but soon dropped out to pursue a career in stand-up comedy. At just 18 years old, he started performing at small comedy clubs in Las Vegas.

Jo Koy Career

Jo Koy has steadily built an impressive career in stand-up comedy over the last three decades. His sharp observations about family, relationships, and his Filipino-American upbringing have solidified him as one of the most popular comedians today. Koy is constantly pushing into new endeavors across television, film, and live performances.

Finding His Voice in Stand-Up

After getting his start in Las Vegas comedy clubs in the early 1990s, Jo Koy relocated to Los Angeles to pursue stand-up full time. His energy and impressions made him stand out from other up-and-coming comics. Koy slowly started gaining a following with his sets at The Comedy Store.

His big break came from multiple stand-up appearances on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” between 2006-2012. Koy displayed his conversational style and talent for improvisation. By perfectly tailoring his material for a mainstream audience, he built a national fanbase.

Koy recorded his first stand-up album “Don’t Make Him Angry” in 2009. He spent the next decade touring the country selling out larger and larger venues. Koy’s subsequent comedy specials on Comedy Central and Netflix have been viewed millions of times, propelling him to stardom.

Jo Koy Personal Life

While Jo Koy Net Worth 2023 spends much of his time focused on his booming comedy career, he remains grounded by his deep commitment to family. The relationships he has built over the years serve as the foundation for his success and inspire the hilarious stories he shares. Koy works to balance his professional ambitions with quality time spent with his loved ones.

Devoted Dad

In 2003, Jo Koy’s life changed forever with the birth of his son Joseph Herbert Jr. Even during the height of his career, Koy makes fatherhood his number one priority. He and his son have a very close bond strengthened by experiences like traveling together and joystick.

Koy makes sure to keep his son grounded by teaching the values of hard work and determination. He has coached many of Joseph’s basketball teams over the years as well. Koy hopes to impart wisdom to ensure his son grows up humble, kind, and driven.

Amicable Exes

After separating from Joseph’s mother, Angie King, Jo Koy maintained a strong friendship with her. Their ability to effectively co-parent and support each other is admirable. Koy even purchased a home for King directly across from his so they could easily co-parent.

Koy and King still enjoy vacationing together as a family, showing their maturity and commitment to raising their son. They prove that divorced parents can work together harmoniously by putting their child’s interests first. Their modern family dynamic provides Joseph with stability.

Jo Koy Education

Jo Koy Net Worth 2023 attended primary school in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington. He began at Spanaway Lake High School where he initially struggled to find his place as one of the few biracial students. Facing racism and social isolation, Koy leaned on humor as an outlet.

When his family moved, Koy transferred to Foss High School which had a larger diversity of students. He began embracing his multicultural identity and excelled academically through hard work. However, Koy ultimately decided against pursuing higher education at the time to focus on comedy.

Dropping Out to Pursue Comedy

After barely graduating high school, Jo Koy briefly enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. But within his first year, he became more invested in honing his skills on the local comedy circuit. The instant gratification of performing live outweighed completing a traditional degree.

Koy opted to drop out and move to Los Angeles to advance his stand-up career. While risky, this choice proved wise in the long run as he achieved immense success. However, Koy does not dismiss the value of higher education that can provide a stable career foundation.

What Is Jo Koy Net Worth 2023

Jo Koy Net Worth 2023 has come a long way from his early days performing stand-up in small clubs. After decades of honing his craft, he now enjoys immense success across stage, screen and digital media. Koy’s net worth provides a tangible measure of his rise to become one of the most prominent comedians today.

Estimated $10-$20 Million Net Worth

According to financial analysts, Jo Koy’s current net worth falls between $10-$20 million. The lower end of the estimate stems from his assets and income streams that are publicly known. However, with private investments and business deals, his true net worth likely trends higher.

The bulk of Koy’s wealth comes from his stand-up career. Highly successful Netflix specials, sold-out tours, and merchandise sales have contributed millions to his bottom line. Additional income flows from his acting roles and ownership of the “Jo Koy: In His Elements” series on Netflix.


Jo Koy Net Worth 2023 has become one of the most prominent stand-up comedians today due to his unique comedic voice and diverse perspective. Born to an immigrant Filipina mother and American father, Koy utilized his multicultural upbringing to connect with wide audiences through hilarious yet socially conscious humor.

After humble beginnings performing in clubs, Koy’s big break came through appearances on shows like The Tonight Show and Chelsea Lately. This led to numerous successful Netflix comedy specials and sold-out nationwide tours. Beyond stand-up, Koy has acted in movies and TV shows, showing off his versatility.

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