Jenna Lyons’ Exquisite Taste: A Look Inside the Home of a Style Icon


As a newly minted cast member on the Real Housewives of New York City reboot, designer and former J.Crew president Jenna Lyons is giving fans an inside look at her impeccably stylish NYC abode. In a recent interview with Architectural Digest, Lyons offered a glimpse into her beautiful home filled with one-of-a-kind art and decor that reflects her avant-garde aesthetic.

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Of particular note is Lyons’ love for the works of the late American artist Cy Twombly. Several of Twombly’s pieces hold places of honor in Lyons’ living spaces. Lyons also revealed her bathroom is full of photographs, though details on the specific photos remain scarce. Nonetheless, it’s clear from the snippets we’ve seen that Lyons’ personal style extends to every corner of her home.

Cy Twombly Artwork

While giving Architectural Digest a tour of her home, Lyons highlighted the significance of artwork in her interior design. “I like to collect art and use that as the inspiration for the space,” she shared. This passion is evidenced by Lyons’ collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures by acclaimed American abstract artist Cy Twombly.

Twombly, who passed away in 2011, is known for his gestural style incorporating scribbles,loops, and scrawls in his compositions. Lyons owns several of his works, including a particularly striking large painting displayed in her living room. The expressive swirls of paint and crayon create a beautiful chaos that pops against the neutral backdrop of the room.

Of Twombly’s art, Lyons said, “I’m just mesmerized by it.” She continued, “I can look at [his paintings] a million times and still feel inspired.”

Given her lifelong immersion in the fashion and design worlds, it’s clear Twombly’s bold, innovative creations strike a chord with Lyons’ own creative spirit.

Beyond the living room piece, Lyons’ possession of multiple Twombly originals indicates a deep appreciation for and connection to the late master’s oeuvre. Twombly’s visually arresting mixes of colors, lines, and textures seem a perfect complement to Lyons’ avant-garde fashion sense. As an influential figure in her own right, Lyons shares an affinity with other cultural trailblazers pushing boundaries and redefining categories – much like Twombly did during his storied career.

Bathroom Photo Gallery

In addition to prized works by one of her favorite artists, Lyons gave AD a glimpse of another highly personal space: her bathroom. She revealed that its walls are essentially a photo gallery, completely covered in a curated collection of photographs.

Though Lyons didn’t expound on the specifics of the bathroom photo display, some inferences can be made about this space based on her overall design aesthetic and background in fashion photography. The eclectic mix likely includes a combination of her own original photography alongside artful images collected through the years.

Knowing Lyons’ bold sensibility, the selection probably veers away from traditional posed portraits and pretty landscapes. Instead, viewers can expect striking fashion editorials along with vivid fine art photography prints. Creative collages and visually interesting snapshots likely also make appearances in the curated collection of photos bringing Lyons inspiration and joy.

It’s also probable that the bathroom gallery features beloved photos of Lyons’ friends and family, injecting a personal touch into the stylized space. Ultimately, the bathroom photo display offers another window into Lyons’ passions, interests, and cherished memories. Just like the rest of her stunning home, this highly unique room provides insight about the woman and artist behind the style icon persona.

The Lyons Signature Style

Through details like her extensive Cy Twombly collection and bathroom photo gallery, we catch glimpses of what makes Jenna Lyons’ living spaces so exceptional. Her keen eye for the unconventional and willingness to take risks set her apart as tastemaker and trailblazer.

Lyons described her design approach as “a constant mash-up, a mix-and-match attitude.” This is certainly evidenced throughout her home, where colorfully patterned rugs lay alongside muted neutrals, and antique furnishings pair with abstract modern art. The juxtapositions reflect Lyons’ bold vision and nuanced understanding of blending styles for visually arresting interiors.

“I like things that are unusual and look like they have a history,” Lyons told AD. Flea market finds, one-of-a-kind pieces, and items with imperfections appeal to Lyons’ affinity for items with character and stories to tell. She integrates these unique decorative objects alongside pricier purchases to create lived-in, collected-over-time looks refined by her design expertise.

Above all, Lyons prioritizes surrounding herself with pieces that bring her joy. She emphasized the importance of creating personal spaces that make you smile rather than worrying about trends. Lyons’ mix of quirky decor, meaningful artworks, and family photos achieves this goal, resulting in a home brimming with heart and humor.

Jenna Lyons, Newly Minted Real Housewife, on Her Beloved Cy Twombly and Bathroom

Q&A About Jenna Lyons’ Home

Here are some common questions about Jenna Lyons’ home decor and style:

What artwork does Jenna Lyons have in her home?

Jenna Lyons owns multiple paintings, drawings, and sculptures by abstract artist Cy Twombly. A large Twombly painting hangs in her living room.

What’s unique about Lyons’ bathroom?

Lyons’ bathroom walls are covered in photographs, creating a gallery-like display. The photos likely reflect her interests and personal style.

How would you describe Lyons’ interior design aesthetic?

Lyons describes her style as an eclectic “mash-up.” She combines flea market finds, antiques, and modern art for a collected, mix-and-match look. Her designs are bold yet refined.

What inspires Lyons’ approach to home decor?

Lyons finds inspiration in travel, art, fashion, and designers like Cy Twombly. She decorates with pieces that “make her smile” rather than worrying about trends.

What’s an example of an unusual decorative object Lyons may have in her home?

Knowing Lyons’ offbeat style, she likely incorporates unique items like taxidermy, animal skulls, or mannequin body parts as quirky accents.


Jenna Lyons’ one-of-a-kind living spaces provide insight into the blend of colorful, avant-garde, and personal sensibilities that define her signature style. From her prized Cy Twombly artwork to a bathroom filled with meaningful photographs, Lyons’ home decor reflects an artistic eye and playful spirit.

As she invites fans into her world through RHONY, we canexpect to see more stunning examples of Lyons doing what she does best: mixing high and low, traditional and modern, and flea market finds and custom creations into interiors that wholly reflect her exquisite taste and vision. Just like her barrier-breaking fashion career, Lyons’ home decor will surely continue to inspire viewers to embrace their own design daring and individuality.

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