JB Mauney Net Worth 2023 Bios, Life, Rodeo Cowboy, Former, Education, And More

JB Mauney Introduction

J.B. Mauney is known as one of the most talented and relentless bull riders in the history of the sport. Over his near two-decade career, Mauney earned a reputation for extraordinary ability paired with sheer will to overcome intense challenges.


Name:Jb Mauney
Date of Birth:9 January 1987
Age:36 years old
Birthplace:Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Height:5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Profession:American former professional rodeo cowboy

Jb mauney Early Life

Born in 1987 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Mauney displayed promise from a very young age. He first started riding sheep at rodeos when he was just three years old. The future champion was mentored by 1995 World Champion Bull Rider Jerome Davis, who helped nurture Mauney interest in the sport.

By his early teens, the 5’10”, 140 pound Mauney had firmly set his sights on mastering the art of bull riding. He trained vigorously under Davis’ guidance, rapidly gaining technical skill and fearlessness.

Jb Mauney Career

JB Mauney embarked on his professional bull riding career in 2005, joining the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) circuit. He expanded to the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) tours in 2009.

Over his near 20 seasons competing across the country, Mauney racked up a truly remarkable series of victories and championships. He clinched two distinguished PBR World Champion titles in 2013 and 2015.

Regarded as possessing an extraordinary mix of skill and relentless determination, Mauney built a reputation as one of the sport’s most fearsome competitors. He showcased the ability and grit to ride out bucking beasts other top riders struggled to last mere seconds against.

Conquering the Most Dangerous Bulls

A particular marker of JB Mauney capabilities was showcased against the massive bucking bull Bushwacker. With only one other rider ever managing to stay on for a full 8 seconds, Mauney amazingly managed the feat twice.

His successes against the monstrous 1,500 pound beast certified Mauney as one of the most talented and tenacious riders to ever get in the arena. Bushwacker was considered all but unrideable, having built a legacy off flinging off over 200 riders straight into harm’s way.

Jb Mauney Personal Life

Outside his iconic rodeo career, JB Mauney has led an eventful personal life as well. He was born in Mooresville, North Carolina in 1987, though considers nearby Statesville his true hometown.

JB Mauney Net Worth 2023 has been married twice, first to Lexie Wiggly from 2012 to 2015 before divorcing. He remarried in 2016 to his current wife Samantha, with whom he has three children together.

The champion bull rider has battled through severe injuries throughout his career. But it was neck trauma suffered at the September 2023 Lewiston Roundup that finally forced Mauney into retirement weeks later.

After nearly 20 years dominating his treacherous sport, his body had endured as much punishment as could be expected. While his grit and work ethic were superhuman, it was time to call it a career.

Early Life And Path To Glory

JB Mauney  rise to rodeo greatness started from remarkably humble beginnings in North Carolina. He first started riding sheep in local rodeos when he was only three years old.

Mauney was taken under the wing of bull riding standout Jerome Davis, who nurtured his protege’s talents and helped train him during his teen years. This mentorship paved the way for Mauney to rapidly rise up the rodeo ranks in subsequent years.

Jb Mauney Education

While details on his higher education are scarce, it is known that J.B. Mauney attended Mooresville High School in his hometown in North Carolina.

However, JB Mauney Net Worth 2023 most meaningful education came outside the classroom from legendary bull rider Jerome Davis. The 1995 World Champion took the aspiring rider under his wing, providing invaluable mentorship and training during Mauney’s early teen years.

Davis helped hone Mauney’s technical abilities and fearless mentality as he transitioned his focus to the intensely dangerous sport of bull riding. This specialized tutelage from a industry veteran undoubtedly provided the foundation for Mauney’s subsequent sensational career.

So while little is recorded about his academic schooling, J.B. Mauney received his most important preparation for a record-setting rodeo career under mentor Jerome Davis. That localized education and training paved the way for Mauney to reach the pantheon of bull riding glory in later years.

What Is Jb Mauney Net Worth 2023

As JB Mauney Net Worth 2023 enters retirement, his career earnings and accumulated wealth are immense. Reports estimate the champion bull rider’s current net worth falls between $6 million to $8 million.

The bulk of JB Mauney finances stems from his long record-setting tenure on the professional rodeo circuits. In total, he racked up a staggering $7,314,805.23 in career winnings from competitions across the country.

As a two-time PBR World Finals winner and one of the most decorated cowboys of his era, Mauney translated his athletic prowess into generational wealth. Sponsorship deals with brands like Wrangler also provided steady income over his years dominating the sport.


JB Mauney Net Worth 2023 leaves behind one of the most remarkable legacies in the history of bull riding after retiring in 2021. With two PBR World Championships, over $7 million in career earnings, and a list of records and accolades unmatched by his peers, Mauney has cemented his place as one of the sport’s immortal figures.

Mauney combined otherworldly talent with an almost superhuman capacity to brave danger and injury. After nearly losing his life on several occasions, he would return seemingly stronger and more determined every time. Over his 20-year career of professional rodeo domination, J.B. Mauney built a reputation as a man who simply could not be tamed.

Now relaxing into retirement on his Texas ranch, this North Carolinian legend is able to reflect contently on a career of showstopping successes in the face of long odds. Future generations of riders will surely look to emulate both the fearlessness and flair that defined the great J.B. Mauney’s epic career.

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