James Brolin Net Worth 2023 Life, Actor, Career, TV, And More

James Brolin Introduction

James Brolin has enjoyed an abundance of success during his six-decade career in Hollywood. With over 100 acting credits in film and television, along with work behind the camera as a director and producer, Brolin has amassed an impressive net worth estimated to be around $50 million.

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Name:James Brolin
Birthday:18 Jul 1940
Age:82 years old
Heights in cm:193 cm
Birthplace:Westwood, California, United States
Daughter and Son:Yes (Josh Brolin,Jess Brolin,Molly Elizabeth Brolin)
Net Worths:$60 million

James Brolin Early Life

Born Craig Kenneth Bruderlin in 1940 in Westwood, Los Angeles, James Brolin developed an early interest in animals and aviation. After high school and a name change to “Brolin,” he signed a contract with 20th Century Fox studios. This launched his acting career with minor roles in 1960s films and TV series.

Brolin profile grew considerably when he landed the lead role of Dr. Steven Kiley on the popular medical drama Marcus Welby, M.D. The show aired from 1969-1976, earning Brolin Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe awards. This breakthrough role enabled him to demand higher salaries moving forward.

James Brolin Career

Over six impressive decades, James Brolin has showcased his talents as a versatile character actor across television and film. With over 100 credits to his name alongside major awards recognition, Brolin boasts one of Hollywood’s most extensive acting resumes.

Big Break on Marcus Welby, M.D.

After minor television roles throughout the 1960s, Brolin first gained wide notice starring on Marcus Welby, M.D. as Dr. Steven Kiley from 1969-1976. As the youthful assistant to Robert Young’s wise doctor character, Brolin shined in his role and found quick success.

He won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 1970, the first of four straight nominations. Additionally, Brolin snagged back-to-back Best Supporting Actor Golden Globes in 1971 and 1972. This breakout TV performance propelled Brolin to fame and higher-profile opportunities.

James Brolin Personal Life

While building an acclaimed acting career, James Brolin has enjoyed an eventful personal life for over 60 years in the public eye. He’s balanced multiple high-profile marriages, raised actor son Josh Brolin, and pursued outside passions as a licensed pilot and race car driver.

Marriages To Prominent Actresses

Brolin has been married three times to famous actresses:

  • Jane Cameron Agee (1966-1984) – Actress best known for films like Sweet November (1968). The couple had two children, Josh and Jess.
  • Jan Smithers (1986-1995) – Co-starred on TV’s WKRP in Cincinnati. Brolin helped raise Smithers’ daughter Molly.
  • Barbra Streisand (1998-present) – Iconic singer and actress. Brolin helped raise Streisand’s son Jason from her prior marriage.

Most recently, Brolin and Streisand have celebrated over 25 years together, spending time between coastal homes. Streisand has praised Brolin as her greatest supporter.

Famous Son Josh Brolin Finding Success

Born in 1968 to James Brolin and Jane Agee, Josh Brolin has become an accomplished actor himself starring in major films like No Country for Old Men (2007), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Dune (2021). He won Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for American Gangster (2007).

As James Brolin Net Worth 2023 fame grew, James helped facilitate acting opportunities, like directing his son in the TV movie Finish Line (1989). Josh credits his dad for mentorship early in his career.

Aviation And Racing Enthusiast

An adrenaline junkie at heart, Brolin became a licensed pilot who enjoys aerobatic routines. He also raced cars in the late 1970s, joining the 1979 24 Hours Nürburgring competition. This adventurous spirit complements Brolin’s acting success.

James Brolin Education

Prior to his renowned acting career, James Brolin sought out formal education and training to hone his inherent talents. Though he did not complete a full university degree, Brolin’s schooling helped pave the path towards his eventual stardom.

Brolin’s early education started locally, graduating from the well-regarded University High School in Los Angeles in 1958. Here, he likely had initial exposure to acting through school plays.

After high school, Brolin continued studies at Santa Monica City College. Like many future stars, he chose a community college to take general education courses at an affordable cost. During this time, Brolin explored his interests before settling on acting as a career path.

What Is James Brolin Net Worth 2023

Now into his 80s yet still actively working, legendary actor James Brolin Net Worth 2023 has accumulated sizeable wealth fitting of his Hollywood status. Thanks to both consistent performing income and savvy business investments, Brolin enjoys financial security in his later years.

Estimates currently place James Brolin’s net worth between $50-$60 million. At the lower end, Celebrity Net Worth calculates his net worth at $50 million, while The Richest estimates he may be worth up to $60 million. Either way, Brolin clearly possesses multi-millionaire status from his decades in show business.

The bulk of James Brolin Net Worth 2023 fortune comes from his extensive filmography of over 100 acting credits since the 1960s, including major leading roles and guest appearances. Such longevity at the top playing central characters in box office hits has brought in steady income.


James Brolin Net Worth 2023 over his six-decade career, James Brolin has shown exceptional longevity and versatility as an actor across both film and television. His breakout role on Marcus Welby M.D. in the late 1960s catapulted him to fame and critical acclaim. Brolin leveraged this attention to secure major leading man roles throughout the 1970s that further cemented his star status.

As he aged, Brolin transitioned to portraying more mature authoritative figures and leaders, continuing to demonstrate his acting range. To date, some of his most noteworthy roles include playing prominent politicians on The West Wing, a hotel owner on Hotel, and a voice role in 2022’s Lightyear. Brolin has also expanded into directing and producing various television projects since the 1990s.

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