Is Josh Radnor Los Angeles Home a Colorful Traveler’s Paradise?

Actor Josh Radnor Los Angeles House, best known for playing Ted Mosby on the hit sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, owns a stunning midcentury home in Los Angeles that reflects his passion for travel and vibrant decor. With its eclectic artwork, worldly collectibles, and bursts of color throughout, Radnor’s house is a visual feast for the eyes. In this article, we’ll take a look inside the actor’s colorful retreat and see how he has crafted a true traveler’s paradise.

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A Midcentury Masterpiece

Radnor’s home is located in the hip Los Feliz neighborhood of LA and was built in 1962. The midcentury architecture style is evident in the low horizontal lines, floor-to-ceiling windows, and open floor plan bathed in natural light. The home has plenty of indoor/outdoor flow thanks to sliding glass doors that open out onto patios and decks.

Throughout the 2,800 square foot home, Radnor has maintained many of the original midcentury details while also adding his own flair. There are warm wood beams on the ceilings, textured brick walls, and Saltillo tile flooring. The iconic midcentury furniture includes Arne Jacobsen swan chairs and a Saarinen womb chair.

A World of Color Josh Radnor Los Angeles Home

While the architecture honors the era, the interiors are all Josh Radnor Los Angeles Home. His worldly, artistic tastes shine through in the home’s colorful and globally-inspired decor. Vibrant tones like emerald green, bright orange, and turmeric yellow perk up every room. The saturation of colors makes the home feel vibrant, lively, and uniquely Radnor’s.

The colors tell a story and reflect Radnor’s travels. Inspired by his time in India, the dining room is painted a dramatic blue-black and decorated with art Radnor acquired in Jodhpur. Pops of orange call out nods to Buddhism. The cozy living room features vibrant Mexican serapes as pillows and wall hangings.

Radnor intentionally uses color to create an inviting atmosphere. In an interview with Architectural Digest he stated, “I wanted a space that felt warm and traveled and collected over time.” The color palette helps achieve that cultured, worldly feel.

Eclectic Art and Travel Mementos

In addition to bold use of color, Radnor fills his home with eclectic art and objects he’s collected on his travels to over 60 countries. Unique artwork lines the walls in every room. Paintings, photographs, tapestries, and sculptures from Radnor’s global adventures are on display.

There are Balinese shadow puppets, Indian antiques, and Mexican milagros. Photographs from Central America, Italy, and Southeast Asia capture people and places special to Radnor. The home is a gallery of his travel memories.

Beyond art, there are many other travel mementos that make the home feel worldly. In the living room, Mexican steer skulls sourced from Oaxaca and Thai sitting stools accent the space. A Samurai sword from Tokyo hangs on the wall as artwork.

The global treasures tell the story of Radnor as an avid traveler and give each room a layered, cultured feel. As he says, “I like rooms that reveal themselves over time.”

A Private Oasis

While vibrant and artistic, Radnor’s home is also designed as a quiet retreat from his busy life in Hollywood. The property is very private and protected. The home is completely walled and gated to keep out prying eyes. Lush trees and tall bamboo further seclude the yard.

Inside, the layout provides plenty of cozy nooks and lounging spots for relaxation. The open yet intimate architecture allows light and air to flow through. There are alcoves with built-in benches and window seats flooded with natural light. Radnor can take refuge in the serene indoor/outdoor rooms.

Out front, a gravel courtyard provides another escape. It’s surrounded by the home on three sides with a bubbling fountain as the centerpiece. Radnor can enjoy morning coffee in this peaceful enclosure.

He describes his home as “a place of refuge” and that sensibility is felt in both the privacy and peaceful spaces tailored for relaxing.


With its whimsical decor, colorful interiors, and worldly artifacts, Josh Radnor Los Angeles Home is a true traveler’s paradise. The global artwork and vibrant colors reflect Radnor’s adventurous spirit and love of culture. While bold and artistic, the home also provides Radnor with plenty of private sanctuaries to relax. The one-of-a-kind house suits the actor perfectly as both a visual feast and quiet retreat. After traveling the world, Radnor has found an ideal oasis to call home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Josh Radnor Los Angeles Home located?

Josh Radnor’s home is located in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Los Feliz is known for its midcentury architecture and bohemian, artistic vibe.

What architectural style is Josh Radnor Los Angeles Home?

Josh Radnor Los Angeles Home is midcentury modern. It was built in 1962 and features details like floor-to-ceiling windows, open floor plan, and indoor/outdoor flow common in midcentury homes.

How would you describe Radnor’s interior design style?

Josh Radnor Los Angeles Home interior design style is very colorful, eclectic, and globally inspired. He uses a vibrant color palette and fills the home with artwork and objects from his travels all over the world.

Why is Radnor’s home very private?

Radnor’s home is designed to be very private and secluded. It is completely walled/gated and surrounded by trees and bamboo. This allows Radnor, a famous actor, to have a quiet retreat away from Hollywood.

What are some of the cozy relaxation spots in Radnor’s home?

Some cozy relaxation spots include window seats flooded with natural light, built-in benches in alcoves, a bubbling fountain courtyard, and open yet intimate indoor/outdoor rooms. Radnor crafted many peaceful spots for lounging.

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