Ice JJ Fish Net Worth The Viral Singing Sensation’s, Career, and Personal Life


Ice JJ Fish net worth, is an American rapper, singer, and internet personality who rose to fame in 2014 from his viral music videos. His unique singing voice, eccentric fashion style, and catchy songs have earned him millions of views online and made him an unlikely viral star. Though often misunderstood, Ice JJ Fish has leveraged his internet fame to build a successful music career. This article will explore Ice JJ Fish’s background, his net worth, music career highlights, personal life, and why he has inspired such a passionate fanbase.

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NameDaniel James McLoyd
NicknameIce JJ Fish
Birthday30 July 1994
Weight187 lbs
ProfessionSinger, Rapper
Net Worth$500K

Ice JJ Fish’s Background

Not much is known about Ice JJ Fish’s early life. He is extremely private about his personal details and has not revealed his real name, exact age, or where he grew up. Based on his social media posts, it appears he is likely in his 20s or early 30s. Ice JJ Fish started uploading songs and music videos to YouTube as early as 2012, but it was his 2014 video for “On The Floor” that went massively viral and launched his fame. The video showed Ice JJ Fish dancing and singing in an auto-tuned warble, with eccentric lyrics like “When I’m on the dance floor, I burn up that wood.” Though many found the video bizarre, it spread rapidly online and currently has over 54 million views.

Ice JJ Fish’s Net Worth

While his net worth is not confirmed, most estimates put Ice JJ Fish’s net worth between $500,000 to $5 million. The bulk of his earnings comes from YouTube monetization, streaming royalties, merchandise sales, and live performances.

At the peak of his fame in 2014, his “On The Floor” video was estimated to be generating over $30,000 a month in ad revenue alone.

Ice JJ Fish has also released multiple albums and singles, including 2022’s “No Topping You” which has over 3 million Spotify streams. With a devoted fanbase that continues to grow, Ice JJ Fish’s net worth will likely rise in the future as he releases more content.

Music Career

Though derided by some music critics, Ice JJ Fish has achieved surprising success as an ‘outsider pop star’. He has released 5 studio albums and multiple singles, with his music videos generating hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. Some highlights of his music career include:

  • 2014’s “On The Floor” – His breakout viral hit with over 54 million YouTube views
  • 2015’s The $300,000 Album – Debut studio album which peaked at #4 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart
  • 2018’s Boyfriend – His highest charting single, reaching #37 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales chart
  • 2022’s “No Topping You” – Latest single with over 3 million Spotify streams.

Ice JJ Fish is lauded by fans for his raw, unfiltered musical style and willingness to defy expectations. He has performed sold-out live shows in cities like London and New York City, proving his viral appeal goes beyond just views.

Personal Life and Other Endeavors

Though massively popular online, Ice JJ Fish keeps his personal life very private. Little is known about his family, relationships, or life outside of music. He posts regularly on Instagram for his 1.7 million followers, often showing off his flamboyant fashion tastes in custom suits and brightly colored shoes. Ice JJ Fish also occasionally live streams conversations with fans, where he discusses music and gives advice.

In 2019, Ice JJ Fish launched his own podcast called Fish Files, where he conducts irreverent interviews with influencers and internet celebrities. Guests have included figures like Danielle Bregoli and Lil Xan. Fish has expanded his influence through these digital projects and collaborations with brands.

Outside of music, his main passion is fashion. Ice JJ Fish has stated he has over 200 pairs of shoes and is working on developing his own fashion brand. He wants to create accessible, vibrant clothing true to his unique style.

Why Ice JJ Fish is Such a Viral Sensation

There are several factors that explain the unlikely rise to fame of Ice JJ Fish:

  • His unique musical style – The raw, DIY quality of his music videos and off-kilter voice connect with people looking for authenticity in pop music.
  • His passion – Say what you want about his skills, but Ice JJ Fish pursues his art with an infectious enthusiasm that inspires his fans.
  • His ‘so bad it’s good’ appeal – Like cult films, part of Fish’s entertainment value is in his bizarre performance style.
  • His embrace of internet culture – Ice JJ Fish understands the power of virality and actively engages with fans online.

While often considered a novelty act, Ice JJ Fish has proven he is more than just a viral meme. As an independent artist, he found a path to success that few could have predicted. His music and voice may be an acquired taste, but his relentless spirit continues to win over more fans.


Ice JJ Fish serves as an inspirational story of an outsider who embraced Internet fame to forge his own surprising music career. While his early viral hits were often mocked, he has proven his talent resonates with audiences. Between his music sales, YouTube revenue, merchandising, and live shows, Ice JJ Fish has cultivated a personal brand that will continue growing for years to come. However, he remains an enigma in many ways, keeping his personal life hidden from the limelight. At the end of the day, Ice JJ Fish represents a new kind of pop star – one who owes his fame directly to the Internet. His rise from obscurity to viral sensation will likely inspire other DIY musicians to follow their passions no matter how offbeat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice JJ Fish

Who is Ice JJ Fish?

Ice JJ Fish is an American rapper, singer, and internet celebrity best known for his 2014 viral music video “On The Floor.” He has garnered millions of views on YouTube through his unique singing voice and style.

How did Ice JJ Fish get famous?

He rose to fame in 2014 after his music video “On The Floor” went massively viral, launching him into internet stardom. The video’s bizarre auto-tuned singing and eccentric lyrics gained 54 million views and sparked countless memes.

What is Ice JJ Fish’s real name?

Ice JJ Fish’s real name is not publicly known. He has not revealed his real name or many biographical details, preferring to remain partly anonymous.

What is Ice JJ Fish’s net worth?

While unconfirmed, estimates of Ice JJ Fish’s net worth range from $500,000 to $5 million. His revenue comes from YouTube monetization, music sales, merchandising, and live performances.

How old is Ice JJ Fish?

His exact age is unknown, but based on his social media activity and music career he is most likely in his 20s or early 30s as of 2022.

Where is Ice JJ Fish from originally?

It is unclear where exactly Ice JJ Fish is from, though he is presumed to have grown up in the United States. He has not publicly revealed details of his early life or hometown.

Is Ice JJ Fish married?

No, Ice JJ Fish is not believed to be married. His romantic life is kept very private. The identity of any past or present girlfriends is not publicly known.

How many albums has Ice JJ Fish released?

Ice JJ Fish has released 5 studio albums: The $300,000 Album (2015), FishLife (2016), Vanilla Sky (2017), Merry Fishmas (2018), and The Self-Named Album (2022).

What was Ice JJ Fish’s biggest hit song?

Ice JJ Fish’s highest charting single was 2018’s “Boyfriend” which reached #37 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Song Sales chart. However, his breakout hit was 2014’s “On The Floor.”

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