E-40 Net Worth, The Bay Area Rap Pioneer with a Net Worth of $8 Million

Earl “E-40 net worth” Stevens, born on November 15, 1967, in Vallejo, California, is an American rapper and entrepreneur who paved the way for Bay Area hip hop. With a decades-long career spanning over 30 albums, E-40 has built an estimated net worth of $8 million.

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Early Life and Career Beginnings

E-40 grew up in the Bay Area and was surrounded by the emerging hip hop scene in the 80s and 90s. He co-founded the rap group The Click in 1986 alongside cousins B-Legit and D-Shot, as well as his brother D-Shot. The group released their debut album in 1988 titled Let’s Side.

E-40 embarked on a solo career in 1990, working with prominent Bay Area producer Studio Ton. He released his debut solo album Federal in 1993, which included the hit single “Captain Save a Hoe” featuring The Click. This kicked off E-40’s streak of releasing new music nearly every year throughout the 90s.


NameEarl Tywone Stevens Sr.
NicknameE-40, E-4-0, TKA, Charlie Hustle, EBonics, 40 Fonzarelli, 40 Ballatician, E-Pheezy, Fortwata, Mr. Flamboyant
Birthday15 November 1967
Weight253 lbs
PartnerTracey Stevens
KidsEarl Jr., Emari
SiblingsSuga-T, D-Short, Mugzi
Net Worth$10 million

Rise to Fame in the Mid-90s

E-40 achieved mainstream success with his third studio album In a Major Way in 1995. It peaked at #2 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart and included the hits “1-Luv” and “Sprinkle Me.”

He continued to build his reputation over the next few years, releasing albums like Tha Hall of Game and The Element of Surprise. E-40 also expanded his music business, launching his own independent record label Sick Wid It Records in 1996.

2000s: Consistent Success and Diverse Ventures

Entering the 2000s, E-40 showed no signs of slowing down. He continued to release new music annually, diversifying his style on albums like Grit & Grind. He also expanded his entrepreneurial pursuits, investing in real estate and opening up an 11-restaurant franchise called Fat Burger.

In 2006, E-40 signed with Lil Jon’s BME Recordings and put out the hit album My Ghetto Report Card featuring Too $hort, T-Pain, and Akon. It debuted at #1 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart.

He then signed with music powerhouse Warner Bros. Records in 2007. Over the next several years he achieved more commercial success through high-charting albums like Revenue Retrievin’ and The Block Brochure series.

2010s to Today: Consistent Hustle and Giving Back

Now into his fourth decade in rap, E-40 shows no signs of stopping his hustle. He continues to release new music every year, averaging 1-2 albums annually. Recent projects include Practice Makes Paper (2019) and terms and conditions apply. (2021).

Outside of music, E-40 remains an active entrepreneur and philanthropist. He runs an investment company that focuses on real estate and restaurants. He also founded the Earl Stevens Selections wine company in 2013.

In addition, E-40 is dedicated to giving back to the Vallejo community where he grew up. In 2019, he co-founded the Grambling Legends Square affordable housing complex. He also hosts an annual free Thanksgiving turkey drive and holiday toy drive for families in need.

After over 35 years in the game, E-40 has secured his legacy as a pioneering Bay Area rap icon. His net worth stems not just from music, but from his savvy business investments and diverse entrepreneurial ventures over the decades. Even as he approaches his mid-50s, E-40 continues to hustle hard and pursue new projects across music, film, restaurants, wine, and real estate.

E-40’s Net Worth: Breaking Down the Numbers

So how much is E-40 worth today? Estimates put his current net worth at approximately $8 million.

Here’s a breakdown of where his wealth comes from:

  • Music sales and streaming royalties: With 30+ studio albums and dozens of singles, E-40 has earned millions over his career from record sales, downloads, and streaming royalties. Even decades-old albums continue generating revenue.
  • Touring and live performances: E-40 maintains an active touring schedule, playing 50-100 shows per year. He commands performance fees averaging $30,000-50,000 per show.
  • Merchandise: His web store stocks a wide variety of branded clothing, accessories, and other merchandise. He also sells products during tours.
  • Record label and music distribution: As owner of Sick Wid It Records, E-40 earns revenue from his label roster through music distribution deals.
  • Songwriting and production credits: He has songwriting and production credits on tracks for other artists like Usher and T.I.
  • Real estate investments: E-40 has owned and managed various commercial and residential real estate assets across Northern California.
  • Restaurants: His Fat Burger franchise ownership and other restaurant investments have added to his wealth.
  • Wine business: His Earl Stevens Selections wine brand produces varietals like red blends and chardonnay.
  • Other business ventures: Ranging from vodka to candy to apps, E-40 has earned income from diverse business endeavors and endorsements.

At 55 years old and still releasing new music annually, E-40 shows no signs of retiring anytime soon. His consistent hustle and business savvy have enabled him to amass an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Personal Life: Longtime Marriage and Family

E-40 met his future wife, Tracy Stevens, when he was 18 years old while both were studying business administration at Grambling State University. The high school sweethearts married in 1991.

Tracy serves as E-40’s business manager, overseeing his label Sick Wid It Records as well as his other companies and investments. She keeps the rapper’s hectic schedule organized and ensures his financial portfolio stays on track.

E-40 and Tracy have two children together. Their son Earl “Earl Jr.” Stevens Jr. was born in 1992, and he grew up to become a rapper known as Droop-E. He is signed to his dad’s label and has released several mixtapes. Their youngest, daughter Emari, graduated from Stanford University in 2015.

The Stevens family has lived in the Bay Area city of Danville for over two decades. E-40 has said his family life provides him balance from the demanding music industry. He aims to instill a strong work ethic in his kids, saying “I’m rich already; I want my kids to have good jobs.”

Philanthropy and Community Impact

As a lifelong Bay Area resident, E-40 has focused much of his charitable efforts locally in Vallejo and the greater Northern California region.

Some of his philanthropic highlights include:

  • Co-founding Grambling Legends Square, an affordable housing complex named after his alma mater Grambling State University
  • Hosting free annual Thanksgiving turkey drives & holiday toy drives for families in need
  • Donating thousands of backpacks full of school supplies to Vallejo students
  • Performing free holiday concerts for low-income communities in the Bay Area
  • Funding scholarships for local youth to attend college

E-40 also founded the Earl Stevens Scholarship Fund in 2013, providing four-year scholarships for Bay Area high school seniors to attend an accredited four-year university. The program aims to help disadvantaged students who maintain good grades pursue higher education.

Age and Health

Born on November 15, 1967, E-40 was 54 years old as of September 2022. The rapper has not faced any major health issues in the public eye. He maintains an active lifestyle, staying fit through daily exercise so he can keep up the energetic pace of recording, touring, and running his businesses.

E-40 credits his longevity in the industry to avoiding alcohol and drugs. Though he grew up seeing the ravages of addiction in his community, he steered clear of substance abuse. His clean living habits have allowed him to thrive physically and mentally over his long career.

Frequently Asked Questions About E-40

Here are some common questions fans have about the Bay Area rap legend:

Q1. How did E-40 get his stage name?

The name E-40 comes from his former rap moniker “E-40 Water Pistol.” The “E” stands for Earl, and the 40 comes from the 40 ounces of malt liquor he and his friends would drink back in the day.

Q2. What was E-40’s breakthrough song?

E-40’s 1994 single “Captain Save a Hoe” off his debut album Federal first put him on the map. Its success led to his major label signing with Jive Records.

Q3. What is E-40’s biggest hit?

“U and Dat” featuring T-Pain and Kandi Girl from his 2006 album My Ghetto Report Card peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it E-40’s highest charting solo single.

Q4. Who has E-40 collaborated with?

Some of E-40’s frequent collaborators include fellow Bay Area rappers like Too Short, Mac Dre, and Mistah F.A.B. He’s also worked with major artists like Drake, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, and ASAP Rocky.

Q5. What businesses does E-40 have outside of music?

E-40 is an active entrepreneur across many industries. He owns real estate assets, a Fat Burger franchise, Earl Stevens Selections wine company, a vodka brand, and more.

Q6. Is E-40 on social media?

Yes, E-40 has active accounts on Twitter (1.2 million followers), Instagram (1.5 million followers), Facebook (1.4 million followers), and TikTok (151k followers). He often promotes his new music and business ventures through social media.

The Legacy of a Bay Area Original

With his distinctive flow and slang-filled lyrics, E-40 left an indelible stamp on Bay Area hip hop. Songs like “Yay Area” and “Tell Me When To Go” epitomize the regional pride and signature sound of Northern California rap.

Yet E-40 also reached far beyond the West Coast. His longevity and consistent output made him one of the most respected veterans in hip hop. Young artists today continue to sample his music and collaborate with the rap pioneer.

Not just a prolific rapper, E-40 expanded into an array of businesses that will secure wealth for his family for generations to come. From rap star to label owner, entrepreneur, and community leader – E-40 hustled his way to becoming a Bay Area icon with an estimated $8 million net worth.

Conclusion: Still Going Strong Decades Later

E-40 enters his fourth decade in hip hop in 2023, displaying the same tenacious drive that made him a California rap kingpin. Even in his mid-50s, retirement is not imminent for the Vallejo native. He continues releasing new music every year and expanding his business portfolio.

With an estimated net worth of $8 million and no signs of slowing down, E-40 has achieved that rare longevity in the music industry. He succeeded through a relentless work ethic, business savvy, and an ear for the streets. And the Bay Area legend still has plenty left in the tank to keep his hustle going.

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