Druski Net Worth, Life, Age, Earning, And Other

Druski Introduction

Druski, known professionally as Druski, is a remarkable American comedian and actor. Born on September 12, 1994, this multi-talented individual has made a significant mark in the entertainment industry. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the world of Druski, his sketch comedy, his collaborations with various musicians, and his intriguing characters that have captivated audiences across the globe.

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Name:Drew Desbordes
Date of Birth:12 September 1994
Age:28 Years Old
Profession:Instagrammer, Comedian, YouTuber, TikToker and Social Media Personality
Ethnicity:African-American Descent
Net Worth:$5.8 Million

Druski Early Life

Druski, known professionally as Druski, was born on September 12, 1994, in Columbia, Maryland, USA. His early life was marked by a natural talent for comedy and an unwavering desire to make people laugh. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the formative years of this comedic sensation.

A Comedic Household

Druski had the privilege of growing up in a comedic household in Columbia, Maryland. His family introduced him to some of the entertainment industry’s most popular comedians, including legends like Cedric The Entertainer and Dave Chappelle. This early exposure to comedy laid the foundation for his own comedic journey.

The Gift of Laughter

From a young age, Desbordes displayed a remarkable knack for making people laugh. He often amused his family by speaking in different accents and putting on impromptu comedic performances. This innate talent was evident, even in his formative years.

Drew Desbordes Career

A Man Of Many Talents

Druski is not just a comedian; he’s a true entertainer. His career spans various domains, making him a well-rounded and versatile personality in the entertainment world. Here’s a breakdown of his remarkable journey:

Early Career Ambitions

Druski Net Worth initially aspired to work as a sportscaster. However, fate had different plans for him. Encouraged by his classmates, he ventured into the world of humor and comedy. Little did he know that this shift would set the stage for his meteoric rise in the entertainment industry.

Social Media Sensation

Druski career took off with the advent of social media. He gained recognition by posting amusing videos on platforms like Instagram. His unique style of humor, characterized by witty, relatable, and character impersonations, quickly attracted a substantial following.

Rise To Fame

Druski ascent to fame was meteoric. His ability to craft nuanced and fully realized characters with remarkable brevity and precision set him apart. His comedic sketches and videos became viral sensations, cementing his status as a social media star.

Commercial Success

Beyond his social media stardom, Druski ventured into commercial work, collaborating with major companies such as Amazon, Pepsi, and Spotify. His unique brand of humor and relatability made him a sought-after figure for advertising campaigns.

Drew Desbordes Personal Life

Druski Net Worth, or Druski, not only entertains the world with his comedy but also has a captivating personal life. Here, we delve into the details of his family, relationships, and interests, offering a glimpse into the man behind the humor.

A Rooted Family Background

Druski was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. His upbringing was within a well-settled Christian family, which undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping his values and character.

A Father’s Occupation

His father, Capt. David McLain Desbordes is a commercial pilot with United States Airlines. His career as a pilot adds an element of adventure and responsibility to the family’s dynamic, making for interesting dinner table conversations.

Druski Education

South Gwinnett High School

Druski completed his high school education at South Gwinnett High School, located in Gwinnett County, Georgia. During his time at high school, his interest in comedy and entertainment began to take shape. He actively participated in comedy skits, providing early glimpses of his natural comedic talent.

Georgia Gwinnett College

After successfully graduating from high school, Druski took the next step in his education by enrolling at Georgia Gwinnett College. While the exact duration of his enrollment at this institution isn’t specified in the available information, it marked another chapter in his academic journey.

What Is Druski Net worth?

Druski Net Worth popularly known as Druski, is a multi-talented entertainer who has made a name for himself in various domains of the entertainment industry. His net worth, while not publicly disclosed, has been the subject of estimation by various sources. Here are some figures from different outlets:


According to Forbes, as of 2023, Drew Desbordes net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million. This estimation reflects his financial success derived from his career as a comedian, social media influencer, and actor.


Druski Net Worth Introduction provides an insight into the life and career of Drew Desbordes, the talented comedian and actor known as Druski. From his early life to his successful comedy career, collaborations with musicians, commercial ventures, and a multitude of entertaining characters, Druski has truly left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. His commitment to making people laugh and his dynamic talent make him a beloved figure in the industry. Whether you’re a fan of comedy, music, or both, Druski’s work is sure to leave you in splits and keep you entertained.

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