Claudia Schiffer Has Us Buzzing About Butterflies

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer is giving us all butterfly fever with the launch of her new tableware collection featuring the winged insects. The Claudia Schiffer Butterfly Collection aims to bring a touch of natural beauty and charm to mealtimes.

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Claudia Schiffer’s Inspiration

According to Schiffer, her inspiration for the butterfly theme came from her personal admiration of the insects. “Butterflies represent elegance, change, hope and life. They are naturally beautiful creatures that adapt, evolve and thrive,” she said in an interview about the collection.

Schiffer has always had an affinity for butterflies. “I’ve been fascinated by butterflies since I was a child. I love the whole process of metamorphosis that they go through and I admire their resilience. No matter what they always manage to take flight again.”

The German supermodel says she finds butterflies “uplifting and inspiring” and wanted to incorporate their magic into her homeware.

Bringing Butterflies to the Table

The Claudia Schiffer Butterfly Collection features butterfly motifs and patterns across dinner plates, side plates, mugs and more.

Pieces combine colorful butterfly designs with neutral backdrops like white, black or soft grey. There are blue and orange morpho butterflies, vivid swallowtails, painted ladies with their signature orange and black wings, and delicate white butterflies in flight.

Casual Tableware

While some of Schiffer’s previous tableware collections have been more formal and ornate, this new butterfly range has a more relaxed, casual feel.

“I wanted to create tableware that was informal, versatile and fun,” said Schiffer. “The pieces are earthy with a handcrafted look and the colors lend themselves perfectly to mixing and matching.”

The casual aesthetic makes the collection ideal for everyday dining as well as relaxed entertaining. The mix-and-match nature of the range also promotes creativity when setting a table.

Made for Happiness

For Claudia Schiffer, dining and entertaining should be about spending time with loved ones, not stuffy formalities.

“A meal isn’t just about food on a plate, it’s about the people you share it with,” she said. “When I entertain at home I want the focus to be on having a relaxed, happy time with family and friends.”

The convivial nature of the butterfly tableware helps set the stage for joyful gatherings. Schiffer hopes the whimsical pieces spark smiles and bring a sense of playfulness to mealtimes.

Claudia Schiffer’s Design Approach

Nature, happiness and family are key inspirations for Claudia Schiffer’s approach to design.

“I’m naturally drawn to things that are good for my family and me – both mentally and physically,” the designer explained. “I want to create pieces that make people smile.”

This passion for joyful, nature-inspired design shines through in the Butterfly Collection. Schiffer expertly blends her admiration of butterflies with her laidback entertaining ethos to craft tableware that evokes happiness.

Made for Relaxed Entertaining

While Claudia Schiffer loves hosting dinners and parties, she prefers relaxed, informal gatherings to stiff, formal affairs.

“I like entertaining to be easy, comfortable and casual,” said the designer. “Having people I care about around the table means so much more to me than sticking to etiquette rules.”

The casual Butterfly Collection reflects Schiffer’s low-key yet fun entertaining style. The mix-and-match pieces make laidback tablescaping a breeze.

Schiffer hopes the collection inspires others to embrace relaxed hosting. “I created these butterfly pieces with the idea of bringing a playful informality to mealtimes,” she said. “I want people to have fun expressing themselves when styling their tables.”

Bringing Joy to Everyday Dining

In addition to being perfect for relaxed entertaining, the Claudia Schiffer Butterfly Collection aims to add a touch of happiness to daily dining.

“A joyful mealtime experience shouldn’t just be saved for special occasions,” said Schiffer. “I believe every single meal you share with loved ones is an opportunity to connect and create memories.”

The cheery butterfly motifs infuse everyday place settings with a sense of delight. Even a simple midweek family dinner feels uplifted.

Schiffer intentionally designed the pieces to be mix-and-match so people can get creative and come up with new butterfly tablescapes daily.

“Having new combinations to discover each day makes setting the table so much fun,” said the designer. “It’s amazing what a difference little touches like butterfly plates can make to your dining experience.”

The Collection

The Claudia Schiffer Butterfly Collection includes a wide selection of butterfly-adorned dining pieces.

Here are some of the key items in the range:

  • Dinner plates
  • Side/salad plates
  • Cereal bowls
  • Mugs
  • Egg cups
  • Butter dish
  • Creamer
  • Sugar bowl
  • Serving platters
  • Serving bowls
  • Pitcher

There are also matching accessoires like napkins, coasters and placemats. Young children are catered for with melamine plates, beakers and cutlery showcasing vibrant butterflies.

The tableware is made from materials like fine porcelain, earthenware and glass. Each piece features original butterfly motifs crafted by artists.

Style Tips

Claudia Schiffer shares her top tips for styling your table with her gorgeous butterfly tableware:

  • Mix and match: Don’t be afraid to mix up your butterfly plates and pair different colors/patterns together. Mismatched place settings are fun and eclectic.
  • Keep it simple: Let the beautiful butterfly designs shine by keeping other table decor minimal. Avoid clashing patterns or themes.
  • Use accents: Napkins, placemats, vases and other accent pieces featuring butterflies pull the whole look together beautifully.
  • Play with texture: Use contrasting textures like linen napkins with porcelain plates to create an interesting tactile experience.
  • Go for color: Embrace rich tones that complement the butterfly motifs. Deep blues, emerald greens and dusky pinks work beautifully.

Entertaining with Butterflies

When hosting relaxed gatherings, Claudia Schiffer sets her butterfly tableware with these tips in mind:

  • Set an informal mood: Candles, low flower arrangements and music create a laidback ambiance.
  • Use scatterings of greenery: Sprays of eucalyptus, herbs or leaves make relaxed organic centerpieces.
  • Offer family-style service: Platters, trivets and serving bowls encourage convivial, help-yourself dining.
  • Thoughtful touches: Placecards decorated with butterfly stickers are a whimsical detail.
  • Fresh finishing touches: Lemons, limes and fragrant roses add freshness to place settings.

The butterfly magic makes entertaining easy, breezy and full of joy. Guests will be uplifted by the playful yet effortless surroundings.


Where can I purchase Claudia Schiffer’s butterfly tableware?

The collection is available globally from stockists of L’Objet homeware. You can also buy the pieces online directly from L’Objet.

What types of materials are used?

The tableware is handcrafted from fine porcelain, stoneware, glass and other high quality materials.

Is the collection suitable for daily use?

While the pieces make gorgeous dinner party table settings, they are durable enough for regular use. There are even scratch-resistant melamine options for kids.

Is the collection dishwasher and microwave safe?

Check the care instructions for each piece as some may be hand wash only. Porcelain items are generally dishwasher safe. The melamine range can go in the dishwasher and microwave.

Does the collection match other L’Objet dining ranges?

While each L’Objet collection has its own unique style, the neutral backdrops of the butterfly pieces allow them to coordinate well with other selections. Mix and match to create your signature look.

Final Thoughts

Claudia Schiffer’s love of butterflies shines through in this joyful collection perfect for relaxed, casual dining experiences. The pieces bring out Schiffer’s playful design aesthetic and belief in the transformative power of mealtimes spent with loved ones.

With its laidback elegance and nod to the marvels of nature, this range encourages people to appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Mealtimes become therapists, full of meaningful moments spent connecting with family and friends.

As Schiffer herself says, “Butterflies remind us to embrace change, have faith and let joy into our lives every single day.” This uplifting tableware does just that, providing inspiration to live fully surrounded by beauty.

The whimsy of butterflies in flight lifts every meal to new heights. Schiffer invites us all to unleash our inner butterfly and approach dining with a sense of childlike wonder. Beautiful things happen when we open our hearts and minds to the marvelous transformations possible.

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