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Chyno Miranda net worth, is a popular Venezuelan singer and songwriter who rose to fame as part of the reggaeton duo Chino & Nacho. With his soulful voice, good looks, and smooth dance moves, Chyno quickly became a heartthrob and teen idol across Latin America. Even after splitting from his singing partner in 2017, Chyno has maintained his popularity as a solo artist.

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In this article, we take a deep dive into Chyno Miranda’s life and career. We explore his early life, how he got his start in the music industry, his successful run with Chino & Nacho, and his current status as a solo act. We also look at details like Chyno Miranda’s age, net worth, salary, wife, family background, and other interesting facts about the Latin pop star.

Early Life and Background

Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez was born on November 15, 1984 in Caracas, Venezuela. He is better known by his stage name Chyno Miranda. Not much is publicly known about his family and upbringing. His father’s name is Alberto Miranda.

From an early age, Chyno showed a passion and talent for singing and performing. He was involved in church choirs and school plays as a child. Though he dreamed of being a performer, Chyno originally studied business administration at university before dropping out to pursue music full-time.


Real NameJesus Alberto Miranda Perez
Birthday:November 15, 1984
Birth Sign:Scorpio
Height:5 feet 9 inches or 175.26 cm or 1.7526 m
Partner:Natasha Araos De Miranda (Divorced) Daymar Mora (present girlfriend)
ParentsGuillermo Nieves, Alcira Perez
Professions:Social Media Celebrity, Youtuber, Actor, Pop Singer, Composer
Net Worth:$15 million (USD)

Career Beginnings with Chino & Nacho

Chyno’s professional music career began when he formed a reggaeton duo with his friend Nacho Mendoza called Chino & Nacho. They met through a mutual friend and bonded over their shared musical tastes and ambitions.

Chyno and Nacho started out performing at local bars and clubs around Caracas. In 2007, they got their big break when they were signed to an indie Venezuelan label called Universo Producciones.

Rise to Fame and Success

Chino & Nacho’s debut album in 2010, titled “Mi Niña Bonita,” was a hit across Latin America. The title track became their breakthrough single, earning them their first Latin Grammy nomination. Over the next few years, Chino & Nacho released several more successful albums and cemented their status as reggaeton superstars.

Some key highlights of their career together include:

  • Winning a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Album in 2013
  • Billboard Latin Music Award for Artist of the Year in 2013
  • Multiple hit singles including “Andas En Mi Cabeza,” “Me Voy Enamorando,” and “El Poeta”
  • Sold out concerts across Latin America, the United States, and Europe

At the peak of their popularity, Chyno Miranda’s distinctive vocals, catchy melodies, and heartthrob looks made him one of the most sought-after young singers in Latin pop music.

Pursuing a Solo Career

In 2017, Chino & Nacho decided to amicably separate and pursue solo careers. They released one final album as a duo before announcing their split.

Chyno wasted no time launching himself as a solo artist with his 2018 debut album “Chévere.” He maintained his signature romantic and pop style, while also exploring new genres like electronic dance music.

As a solo act, Chyno has continued to release singles and collaborate with other artists. Some of his notable solo songs include:

  • “Se Vuelve Loca” with Farruko and Becky G
  • “Como Tu”
  • “Si Te Tuviera”

He was also a coach for two seasons on the reality singing competition La Voz Venezuela (The Voice Venezuela).

While he hasn’t quite matched the massive success he enjoyed with Chino & Nacho, Chyno has proven he can hold his own as a solo pop artist. Fans remain loyal and hope he will soon deliver another big hit.

Personal Life and Relationships

In terms of his personal life, Chyno Miranda has been fairly private. He was rumored to have dated several different female celebrities over the years but did not have a confirmed public relationship until 2017.

That year, he revealed he was dating Venezuelan actress Natasha Araos. They had reportedly been together secretly since 2014 before going public with their relationship.

Chyno and Natasha got married in 2017. In January 2019 they welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Lucca Miranda.

Based on social media posts, Chyno appears to be relishing his new role as a husband and father, even as he continues to work on his music career.

Net Worth and Income

During his career peak with Chino & Nacho, reports estimate Chyno Miranda had a net worth around $10 million. In recent years as a solo artist, his net worth is likely lower and estimated to be between $1-5 million.

As apopular singer with over a decade in the industry, Chyno earns income from:

  • Music sales (singles, albums, streaming royalties)
  • Concert tours and live performances
  • Television appearances and sponsorships
  • YouTube/Social media monetization

With future releases and touring planned, Chyno has plenty of opportunity to grow his fortune, especially if he manages to score more chart-topping hits as a solo artist.

FAQs About Chyno Miranda

Here are some common questions fans have about Chyno Miranda:

Where is Chyno Miranda from?

Chyno Miranda was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela.

How old is Chyno Miranda?

As of 2023, Chyno Miranda is 38 years old. His birthday is November 15, 1984.

What happened to the duo Chino & Nacho?

After nearly 10 successful years together, Chino & Nacho decided to separate and work on solo music in 2017. They remain good friends.

What is Chyno’s biggest solo hit so far?

Chyno’s biggest solo hit to date is likely the 2018 song “Se Vuelve Loca” featuring Farruko and Becky G.

Is Chyno Miranda currently on tour?

No, Chyno does not currently have a solo tour planned. His last major tour was with Chino & Nacho in 2017.

Who is Chyno Miranda married to?

Chyno Miranda has been married to Venezuelan actress Natasha Araos since 2017. They have one child together.

What is Chyno Miranda’s net worth?

Chyno Miranda’s estimated solo net worth is between $1-5 million dollars as of 2023. At his peak with Chino & Nacho, it was around $10 million.


In summary, Chyno Miranda is a multi-talented Latin pop singer who achieved great success performing with Chino & Nacho for over a decade. Since their amicable split in 2017, Chyno has continued releasing music as a solo artist. He married actress Natasha Araos in 2017 and they now have a son together. While no longer at his commercial peak, Chyno Miranda remains a popular singer with a loyal fanbase across Latin America. His distinctive voice and romantic pop songs are sure to keep charming fans for years to come.

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