Carter Reum Net Worth 2023 Bios, Age, Life, Career, Businessman, And More

Carter Reum Introduction

Carter Reum has built an impressive career as an entrepreneur, author, and investor. He is a prominent figure in business who co-founded several notable companies and finance firms. Reum has also offered his advice through a bestselling book, establishing his authority in the startup world. His high-profile marriage to Paris Hilton has further placed him in the public eye.

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Name:Carter Reum
Date Of Birth:February 5, 1981
Birthplace:United States
Height:5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)

Carter Reum Early Life

Reum developed his entrepreneurial drive from an early age. He was born on February 5, 1981 and later graduated from Columbia University in 2003. During his college years and afterward, Carter began exploring business ideas with his brother Courtney Reum.

This led the brothers to create VEEV Spirits, a liquor company known for its vodka, açai spirit, and whiskey. Carter and Courtney worked to differentiate VEEV’s alcohol brand in a crowded market by focusing on quality. They used an unusual filtering process relying on wood rather than metal or clay.

This helped make VEEV a success. By 2018, Inc. Magazine ranked VEEV among the 5000 fastest-growing private firms in the United States. The ranking demonstrated Carter’s business acumen and ability to turn startup ideas into rapidly-expanding companies.

Carter Reum Career

Carter Reum has achieved staggering success across his two-decade business career. He accelerated major brands in liquor and tech while earning respect as an investor, author, and serial entrepreneur. Reum continues pursuing diverse passions at the helm of new ventures.

Transforming The Spirits Industry With VEEV

Carter Reum Net Worth 2023 laid the foundations for his varied enterprises alongside his brother and frequent collaborator Courtney Reum. Their first major project, launched in 2007, would disrupt the competitive liquor industry.

The brothers sought to create a premium spirit that stood apart on quality. After experimenting for two years, they settled on an acai-based liquor later branded Veev Açai Spirit. Meticulous wood filtration separated VEEV Açai from other flavored spirits.

Positive customer response inspired the Reums to expand VEEV into other alcoholic offerings like vodka and whiskey. novel production techniques and brand identity lifted the company as an innovator. Within a few years, VEEV ranked among the fastest-growing private firms in America.

Carter’s ability to spot and fill holes in a mature industry provided an early test of his business instincts. It also connected him to partners able to support larger future deals.

Carter Reum Personal Life

Carter Reum Net Worth 2023 Reum has led anything but an average lifestyle, even before considering his illustrious career. From growing up in a home ripe for inspiration to finding joy in fatherhood, Carter’s personal experiences inform his vibrant perspective. His marriage to celebrity icon Paris Hilton focused international attention on Carter’s story.

An Unconventional But Nurturing Upbringing

Born February 5th, 1981, Carter enjoyed an uncommon but intellectually-engaging childhood. His father Robert Reum co-created the Firm exercise equipment brand which later sold to New Balance. Young Carter absorbed lessons on commercializing innovations that continue driving him today.

However, Robert also prioritized creative expression and learning. He converted houses into makeshift museums to spark Carter and Brother Courtney’s imaginations through immersive exhibits. The homes became playgrounds to both fun and future possibilities.

Robert further inspired Carter by welcoming offbeat visitors ranging from celebrities to scientists. His openness to engaging an array of people and ideas heavily influenced Carter’s collaborative leadership approach in business.

Carter Reum Education

Carter Reum Net Worth 2023 Reum has never fit neatly into boxes, whether personal or professional. His thirst for varied knowledge drives Carter between industries as an investor, author, and serial business launcher. This lifelong quest to keep learning new skills began during Carter’s educational journey.

Ivy League Undergraduate Years

Carter Reum Net Worth 2023 first tapped into his analytical capabilities at Columbia University, graduating in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree. He studied at the Ivy League institution’s Columbia College niche within the sprawling campus.

Columbia College focuses on core liberal arts rather than pre-professional tracks. It attracted Carter with offerings blending humanities fields alongside mathematics and economics. He gravitated to big picture connections while sharpening reasoning abilities.

Outside class, Carter stayed active with on-campus entrepreneurial groups and intramural sports. He balanced widening perspectives through diverse academic exploration with hustling instincts he later channeled into new business ventures.

These undergraduate years honed natural talents for strategic thinking and relationship building. Both skills soon propelled Carter toward his first industries of finance and liquor. However, Columbia’s generalist approach prevented narrow specialization that might have limited Carter’s options.

What Is Carter Reum Net Worth 2023

VEEV Spirits: Carter co-founded the successful alcohol brand VEEV Spirits with his brother Courtney. Though they sold the company in 2016, Carter likely made several million dollars from his ownership stake.

M13 Ventures: Carter is a founding partner of venture capital firm M13, which has invested in major startups like Lyft, Ring, Daily Harvest, and Slack. His firm stake gives him an equity share of these valuable companies.

Writing: Carter’s book Shortcut Your Startup was a bestseller, earning him substantial royalties. His more recent works like Wise Up also contribute income.

Other Investments: Carter has invested his money into various startups and existing firms over the years that have grown more valuable.

Paris Hilton’s Wealth: After marrying celebrity heiress Paris Hilton in 2021, Carter gained shared access to her estimated $300 million net worth.

While $45 million was one estimate, $40 million seems a more accurate current assessment. As Carter continues actively investing and founding companies, his net worth could easily rise higher within the next few years. His drive for serial entrepreneurship shows no signs of slowing down.


Though still in his early 40s, Carter Reum has already packed more entrepreneurial ventures and investments into his career than most do in a lifetime. After cutting his teeth and co-founding VEEV Spirits, Reum transitioned into a highly successful venture capitalist by starting M13 Ventures with his brother. His portfolio of over 125 tech and consumer brands grew aggregated enterprise values in excess of $50 billion.

Carter Reum Net Worth 2023 has also grown into an authoritative voice on startups, both through his bestselling book Shortcut Your Startup and by continuing to publish practical guides like Wise Up: Irrelationship. He shares his proven wisdom with newcomers still finding their business feet.

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