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Born William Introduction

Over his decades-long career, rapper and music executive Rick Ross has amassed an impressive fortune thanks to his prolific output and sharp business acumen. With a personal net worth estimated at $40 million as of 2023, Ross sits comfortably as one of hip-hop wealthiest figures.

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Name:Rick Ross
Date of Birth:January 28, 1976
Salary:$10 Million +
Net Worth:$120 Million
Last Updated:2023

Born William Early Life

From Drug Lord Inspiration To Chart-Topping Rapper

Born William NetWorth 2023 Leonard Roberts II in rural Mississippi, Ross took his stage name from an infamous drug trafficker and set out to capture the lavish lifestyle he represented. After struggling to find a record deal, Ross’ 2006 debut Port of Miami introduced his cocky, luxury-flaunting persona to the world through gritty street tales like hit single “Hustlin’.”

With his next two albums, Trilla and Deeper Than Rap, Rick Ross net worth rose steadily as he racked up more smash hits and high-profile collaborations. By 2012, Forbes estimated his annual income at $10 million. Ross’ soulful luxury raps carried through the decade on a string of Platinum releases like God Forgives, I Don’t and Hood Billionaire. His iconic grunts and slick production sound helped him dominate rap radio.

Diversifying His Portfolio With Wingstop And Record Labels

A savvy businessman, Ross widened his income by diving into the restaurant scene with the buffalo wing franchise Wingstop. After opening locations across the South, he became a company shareholder in 2020. Ross also co-founded Cîroc vodka brand ambassador program.

Born William Career

Before the Billboard charts and platinum plaques, Rick Ross was just William Roberts – a young man struggling to find direction. After a brief stint as a Florida corrections officer, Roberts dove headfirst into rapping under the moniker Rick Ross. Infusing tales of extravagant wealth with vivid street imagery, Ross quickly built buzz in the South and signed to Def Jam in 2006.

With his gravelly voice booming over rich production, Ross exploded onto hip-hop’s mainstream with his single “Hustlin’.” His lavish, Tony Montana-inspired persona resonated as he racked up his first Top 40 hit. Ross followed with 2006’s Port of Miami, crafting an album as luxurious and grandiose as its title suggests. Songs like “Push It” solidified his bonafides as one of rap’s fastest-rising stars.

Rick Ross Personal Life 

Though renowned as a larger-than-life MC, Born William NetWorth 2023 is decidedly private about his off-stage world. While his baudy lyrics embrace lavish excess, few are privy to glimpse the man beyond the mythology. After relationships with women like fashion blogger Tia Kemp, Ross remains unmarried and committed to parenting his four children.

As his stardom exploded in the late 2000s, Ross prioritized being present in his children’s lives. He embedded family time into his work schedule, bringing his sons William III and Berkeley and daughter Billion on tour. In 2022, Ross mourned the loss of Berkeley to a rare cancer.

A longtime advocate for his Miami hometown, the rap mogul funnels resources into the community through his Rick Ross Charities non-profit. Supplying youth programs, back-to-school drives and holiday meals for underserved families, Ross aims to uplift neighborhoods like Carol City where he came of age.

Rick Ross Education

Rick Ross: Hustling from College to Chart-Topping Success

Long before hip-hop dominance, Rick Ross seemed poised for a more traditional path to success. Accepting a football scholarship, Ross headed from his native Florida to Albany State University in Georgia. However juggling sports and academics proved challenging for the young student. After two years, Ross left college short of a degree to pursue his true calling – music.

Born William NetWorth 2023 Back in Miami during the 1990s, Ross dove into the city’s bustling rap scene. He began hosting live events while honing his own writing and performance skills. Critics originally derided the former lineman’s limited lyrical prowess and overtly materialistic persona. Yet Ross persisted, earmarking the legendary career of college dropout Jay-Z as inspiration.

Through singular focus and marketing savvy, Ross silenced all naysayers upon releasing his hit 2006 single “Hustlin’.” Nearly twenty years later with 10 chart-topping albums under his belt, his success seems ordained. Though lacking a diploma, Ross earned a PhD in hip-hop by becoming CEO of Maybach Music empire. His ascent echoes Jay-Z’s rise from Brooklyn corners to billionaire mogul.

What Is Rick Ross Net Worth 2023

According to financial estimates, Rick Ross boasts an impressive net worth ranging between $100-$150 million as of 2023. The larger-than-life rap mogul has accumulated his fortune over a highly successful near 20-year career within hip-hop’s competitive arena. Powered by his trademark luxury raps and boss persona, Ross has shifted millions of recordings while transitioning into an investing and executive power player.

Born William NetWorth 2023 blockbuster 2006 debut Port of Miami launched him to certified hitmaker status right out the gate. Bolstered by bangers like “Hustlin’,” he soon was ranking in millions yearly from album sales and packed touring schedules. Reinforcing his longevity, every one of Ross’ subsequent albums have landed within hip-hop’s Top 5 rankings.


Born William NetWorth 2023 has undoubtedly claimed elite status in hip-hop, both through his bold artistic output and his multi-tiered business savvy. As the burgeoning rap magnate continues building his boss-like empire across music, real estate, branding, and beyond, there’s no telling just how much higher the “Bawse” may climb. One thing’s for certain though: with Rick Ross at the helm, the Maybach Music machine shows no signs of slowing its acceleration anytime soon. Wherever his hustle takes him next, fans of the larger-than-life MC will surely be watching–and “pushing it to the limit!”–right alongside the biggest boss there is. The sky’s the limit for Rick Ross’s net worth.

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