BitBoy Crypto Net Worth The Rise of a Cryptocurrency Influencer


In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, influencers have emerged as powerful voices shaping public perception. One of the biggest names in this space is BitBoy Crypto net worth, a YouTube creator who shares crypto news, reviews projects, and provides market analysis to his over 1 million subscribers.

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Since launching his channel in 2017, BitBoy Crypto (real name Ben Armstrong) has become one of the most prominent figures in the crypto community. His outspoken views and brash personality have earned him both loyal followers and vocal critics.


NameBitBoy Crypto
Real NameBen Armstrong
BirthdayOctober 27, 1982
Birth SignScorpio
Height5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm
Weight74 kgs
PartnerBethany Armstrong
Kids:3, names undisclosed
SiblingsChad Armstrong and Macie Scheile
ProfessionsYouTuber, Cryptocurrency Investor, Social Media Influencer
Net Worth$33 million

So how did BitBoy Crypto gain such a large platform and what is his net worth today? This article will explore his background, career highlights, income sources, and estimated net worth. It will also look at some of the controversies surrounding this polarizing crypto influencer.

Background and Early Career

BitBoy Crypto was born in 1992 in the United States. Not much is publicly known about his early life and education. In interviews, BitBoy has mentioned dropping out of college in 2014.

Prior to entering the crypto space, BitBoy held jobs in real estate and car sales. In 2017, he launched his BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel which initially focused on Bitcoin and general cryptocurrency news.

The channel saw moderate growth in its first year, earning about 30,000 subscribers. However, things really took off in 2020 and 2021 as crypto prices boomed, exponentially boosting BitBoy’s popularity.

Rise to Crypto Fame

BitBoy Crypto’s channel has gained over 1 million subscribers in just a few years. His videos now routinely get 200,000+ views each.

Much of BitBoy’s appeal comes from his high-energy persona and entertaining presentation style. His videos feature colorful graphics, market hype, and BitBoy’s unfiltered opinions.

Unlike many crypto influencers who simply report the news, BitBoy is not afraid to make big predictions. For example, in 2021 he predicted Bitcoin’s price could rise to $100,000 by the end of the year. While that specific prediction didn’t pan out, it exemplifies BitBoy’s bold futurist takes.

BitBoy also covers topics beyond just Bitcoin and general crypto news. His videos provide reviews of new projects, technical analysis, web3 trends, and interviews with industry players.

Outside of YouTube, BitBoy has expanded his brand across platforms:

  • Podcast – The BitBoy Crypto Podcast covers crypto issues in depth through interviews and solo episodes.
  • Website – features articles, market updates, and tools for crypto investors.
  • Merchandise – The BitSquad store sells apparel and accessories repping BitBoy’s brand.

What is BitBoy Crypto Income Sources?

So how does BitBoy Crypto actually make money with his influencing activities? Here are some of his main income streams:

YouTube Ad Revenue – This is likely BitBoy’s primary income source. Based on his over 1 million subscribers and high view counts, his estimated YouTube earnings are between $40,000-$700,000 per month.

Affiliate Marketing – BitBoy promotes various crypto services and platforms through affiliate links. These include exchanges like Bybit and

Sponsored Content – Crypto projects will often pay influencers for reviews, positive coverage, or other promotions. BitBoy likely earns sizable fees for sponsored videos.

Merchandise Sales – The BitSquad merch store adds another revenue stream. Products include t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and other items.

Consulting/Appearances – As a crypto celebrity, BitBoy can also earn money from special appearances, speaking engagements, consulting, and business deals.

BitBoy Crypto Net Worth Estimates

Calculating any influencer’s net worth is difficult given unknown variables like taxes and expenses. However, there are some estimates of BitBoy Crypto’s current net worth and earnings:

Net Worth: Approximately $28 million (Forbes estimate as of late 2021)
Annual Earnings: Estimated around $15 million per year

At just 30 years old, BitBoy Crypto has already amassed a small fortune largely off his social media clout. As cryptocurrencies continue growing in value and mainstream acceptance, his earning potential remains high.


With fame and power often comes controversy. BitBoy Crypto has been involved in various scandals and feuds, including:

  • Being accused of pump and dump schemes for allegedly promoting coins he owns prior to sell-offs. He denies these claims.
  • Threatening lawsuits against other crypto Youtubers who criticized him.
  • Promoting “giveaways” which some deem scams or ways to harvest user data.
  • Deleting videos when his price predictions or takes don’t pan out.
  • Getting suspended from Twitter for targeted harassment of another influencer.

These incidents contribute to the divisive love/hate relationship that many in crypto have with BitBoy. While some see him as a passionate thought leader, others view him as an opportunist.

BitBoy Crypto’s Impact on Crypto World

Regardless of the controversies, there’s no denying BitBoy Crypto’s impact as an influencer. His success has proven the power of social media in shaping crypto’s narrative and populism.

BitBoy can be credited for:

  • Making crypto accessible and fun for the average person.
  • Promoting Bitcoin and blockchain when prices were down.
  • Introducing new projects to a wide audience.
  • Normalizing crypto as an asset class for millennials and Gen Z.

With over 1 million loyal subscribers, BitBoy will likely continue being one of the most influential voices in the crypto space for years to come. Whether he uses that influence responsibly or not, only time will tell.


In just a few years, BitBoy Crypto has risen from obscurity to become one of the most powerful influencers in cryptocurrency. His YouTube channel, podcast, and website have made him a widely followed pundit.

While BitBoy’s net worth is estimated at $28 million, his actual income and assets are unknowns. He generates revenue from ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, merchandise, and appearances. However, his polarizing persona has also led to controversies.

Regardless, BitBoy Crypto remains a leading crypto expert with an enormous reach. His platform shines a spotlight on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for everyday people. BitBoy’s story illustrates the prominence internet influencers have gained in shaping web3 and the metaverse.

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