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Big Lurch net worth, whose real name is Antron Singleton, is a former American rapper who was convicted of murdering his roommate Tynisha Ysais and eating parts of her body in April 2002. Before his incarceration, Big Lurch was an up-and-coming rap artist who was a member of the rap group Cosmic Slop Shop. He generated controversy and headlines for his gruesome crime, which shocked the music industry and fans. Although his music career was promising, Big Lurch is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole in California.

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NameAntron Singleton
NicknameBig Lurch
Birthday15 September 1973
ProfessionRapper, Criminal
Net Worth$1 Million

Big Lurch’s Net Worth

As of September 2023, Big Lurch’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $1-5 million.

He generated income from album sales, singles, features, shows and appearances during his music career in the late 1990s and early 2000s. His debut studio album ‘It’s All Bad’ was released in 2000. He also released several singles such as ‘Texas Boy’, ‘Midnight Train’ and ‘Gorilla Pimpin’ which enjoyed airplay.

However, after his incarceration in 2002, Big Lurch does not earn any income. All his assets were likely seized or spent on legal fees. He does not receive any royalties from his music while in prison. Therefore, his net worth is likely derived from assets he accumulated during his active years as a rapper. However, his current net worth could be lower or higher, given the lack of transparent financial information.

Big Lurch’s Age and Background

Big Lurch was born as Antron Singleton on September 15, 1976 in Dallas, Texas. As of September 2023, he is 47 years old. He started rapping as a teenager in the early 1990s, collaborating with fellow Dallas rappers like Mr. Lucci. Big Lurch eventually moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a record deal.

He joined the group Cosmic Slop Shop in Los Angeles, which also included fellow members Killa Klan Kaze, Da’Unda’Dog and Mac Minister. The group released two albums in the late 1990s before disbanding. Lurch then embarked on a solo career and released his debut album ‘It’s All Bad’ in 2000.

Big Lurch’s Music Career

As a solo artist, Big Lurch collaborated with various West Coast rappers like E-40. He was signed to MystikJourney Records and was managed by Reginald White. His debut album ‘It’s All Bad’ in 2000 featured the single ‘Texas Boy’ which became his highest charting solo single. The album also featured other popular tracks like ‘This Is What I Do’ and ‘Bulls in Brooklyn’.

In 2000, Big Lurch appeared on the soundtrack to the film ‘Lost Angels’. He also featured on other albums like Mac Minister’s ‘The Mac Minister’ and E-40’s ‘Loyalty and Betrayal’. Big Lurch toured with Too $hort and performed as an opening act on the ‘Up in Smoke Tour’ in 2001 featuring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Overall, Big Lurch had strong momentum as a solo rapper prior to his arrest and conviction. He had built a fanbase with his aggressive flow and hardcore lyrics. Hip-hop publications like The Source had named him as an artist to watch. However, his promising career was derailed by the murder in 2002.

The Murder Case and Conviction

In April 2002, Big Lurch murdered his 21-year old roommate Tynisha Ysais in Los Angeles by stabbing her and eating parts of her lung, heart and muscles. Lurch claimed he had smoked PCP before committing the gruesome murder but experts found no traces of the drug in his system.

Big Lurch was charged with murder and was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation. The judge in his trial eventually found him mentally competent to stand trial. In June 2003, a jury convicted Lurch of murder and he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The shocking murder generated sensational national headlines and left Lurch’s music career in ruins. Many fans and collaborators distanced themselves from him. Big Lurch remains incarcerated at California State Prison, Los Angeles County.

Big Lurch’s Salary and Income

As Big Lurch is serving a life sentence in prison without parole, he does not earn any income or salary. His only income was derived from his music career as a rapper in the late 1990s and early 2000s before his conviction.

During his active years, Lurch likely generated income from the following sources:

  • Album sales – His solo album ‘It’s All Bad’ sold over 75,000 copies. He likely earned royalties and revenue from album sales.
  • Singles & features – Songs like ‘Texas Boy’ and his features on albums like E-40’s generated revenue.
  • Shows & touring – Performing shows, club appearances and touring provided income.
  • Merchandise – Revenue from merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies etc bearing his name/logo.

However, after 2002 Big Lurch has had no income streams due to his life imprisonment. His assets were likely used to pay legal fees and penalties. He does not earn any royalties from his catalog while in prison.

Big Lurch’s Personal Life and Family Details

There is limited information available about Big Lurch’s personal life, marriage, wife or children. As he was incarcerated at the age of 25 in 2002, he likely did not have time to get married or have children before his conviction.

In media interviews prior to 2002, Lurch mentioned he had a son but details are unknown. He has kept a low profile in prison and not much is known about his current personal life. There are also no details available on his family or upbringing as a child.

His mother Wanda Lurch was quoted briefly in the media during his trial, claiming her son was innocent. His father is unknown. It appears Big Lurch was raised primarily in Dallas by his mother before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a rap career. But beyond this, no other verified personal or family information is available publicly.

Big Lurch FAQs

Here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions about Big Lurch:

Q1. What is Big Lurch’s real name? 

  • His real name is Antron Singleton. Big Lurch is his stage name.

Q2. What prison is Big Lurch in? 

  • He is incarcerated at California State Prison, Los Angeles County.

Q3. What was Big Lurch convicted for? 

  • He was convicted of first-degree murder for killing his roommate Tynisha Ysais in 2002.

Q4. When will Big Lurch get out of prison? 

  • He received a life sentence without the possibility of parole, meaning he will remain in prison for the rest of his life.

Q5. Does Big Lurch have kids? 

  • It is believed he has one son, but details are scarce. He has no known children after his incarceration began.

Q6. What music did Big Lurch make? 

  • He released one solo album ‘It’s All Bad’ in 2000 and had singles like ‘Texas Boy’. He was part of the group Cosmic Slop Shop in the 1990s.

Q7. Where did Big Lurch grow up?

  • He was born in Dallas, Texas but later moved to Los Angeles. He grew up primarily in Dallas.

Q8. What drug did Big Lurch take?

  • He claimed to have smoked PCP prior to the murder but no traces were found in his system.


In summary, Big Lurch had a promising music career as a solo rapper in the late 90s and early 2000s before infamy struck. His gruesome murder of his roommate led to a conviction and life sentence that abruptly ended his burgeoning career. In his prime, he generated income from music sales, shows and features. However, his current net worth remains small compared to what he could have attained. The macabre murder left his reputation tarnished despite his talents. While many questions remain about his family and upbringing, Lurch remains imprisoned for the rest of his natural life.

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