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Andrew Ridgeley Introduction

Andrew Ridgeley is best known as the other half of the musical duo Wham!, alongside George Michael. As the guitarist and backing vocalist, Ridgeley complemented lead singer Michael to create some of the biggest hits of the 1980s. While Michael later went on to achieve massive solo success, Ridgeley took a step back from the spotlight following Wham!’s split. But his contributions were crucial in propelling Wham! to pop icon status.

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Name:Andrew Ridgeley
Date of Birth:26 January 1963
Age:60 years old
Weight:(158 lbs) 72 kg
Birthplace:Windlesham, United Kingdom

Andrew Ridgeley Early Life

Andrew Ridgeley was born on January 26, 1963 in Windlesham, Surrey to Jennifer and Albert Ridgeley. He grew up in nearby Bushey, Hertfordshire. As a teenager, Andrew Ridgeley attended the Bushey Meads School. It was here that he met a fellow student named Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, who later became known as George Michael.

Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael quickly bonded over their shared love of music. They began performing together in various school bands. According to Andrew Ridgeley, they formed a “rather humorous little business relationship” during their school years. While Michael was clearly the standout vocalist between the two even early on, Ridgeley’s guitar skills and charismatic stage presence made him the perfect complement.

Andrew Ridgeley Career

Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth 2023 made pop history as one half of the ’80s music sensation Wham!, alongside childhood friend George Michael. As the band’s guitarist and Michael’s creative partner, Ridgeley was integral to Wham!’s meteoric rise to fame. But following their breakup in 1986, Ridgeley struggled to establish himself as a solo artist.

After some unsuccessful detours chasing other creative passions, Ridgeley ultimately stepped back from the spotlight to focus on family and advocacy work. But his drive to make music and strong bond with Michael endured over the decades after Wham!

Brief Solo Music Career

In the immediate aftermath of Wham!’s tearful farewell tour in 1986, Andrew Ridgeley initially moved to Monaco. During this transitional period, he started developing solo work and even released the album Son of Albert in Japan in 1990. However, the record failed to find an audience.

Andrew Ridgeley Personal Life

During his Wham! heyday in the swinging 1980s, Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth 2023 was known as the handsome heartthrob guitarist who complimented George Michael’s flamboyant showmanship. But behind the pop star’s public persona, Ridgeley nurtured a private world centered on deep romantic bonds, lasting friendships, and quiet Cornwall country life.

25-Year Relationship With Keren Woodward

Though female fans adored him, Andrew Ridgeley only had eyes initially for Keren Woodward of the pop group Bananarama. After years of friendship, Ridgeley and Woodward fell in love. By the early ‘90s, they settled down out of the spotlight and embarked on an extraordinary 25-year relationship.

Having both experienced the excesses of fame firsthand, the couple made family their priority, welcoming son Alberto and daughter Amelia. They split amicably in 2017 but remain friends, with Ridgeley calling Woodward “an amazing woman.”

Lifelong Bond With George Michael

Despite their vastly divergent lifestyles post-Wham!, George Michael remained the fraternal presence by Andrew Ridgeley’s side for emotional support. Through their artistic splits to romances won and lost, the friends always shared an unbreakable bond.

In later years, they still came together for mutual milestones, family visits, and frank life advice talks though now at a slower pace. So Michael’s shocking 2016 passing shattered Ridgeley, who called George “my friend, companion, brother.”

Andrew Ridgeley Education

Long before he was one half of chart-topping pop duo Wham!, Andrew Ridgeley was just a student at Bushey Meads School harboring musical dreams with classmate George Michael. Ridgeley later leveraged his fame and resources to support various causes close to his heart, especially protecting ocean environmental welfare.

School Days Bond with George Michael

Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth 2023 attended the all-boys Bushey Meads School as a teenager growing up in Bushey, Hertfordshire during the 1970s. An indifferent student by his own admission, Ridgeley became fast friends with a Greek Cypriot classmate named Georgios Panayiotou, the future George Michael.

The duo quickly bonded over their mutual love of music. They could often be found playing impromptu lunchtime sets in the school theatre into the early Wham! days or listening to records for inspiration. These formative creative experiences planted the seeds for pop superstardom.

What Is Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth 2023

Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth 2023 As a member of the hugely successful 1980s pop duo Wham! with George Michael, Ridgeley earned significant money during the band’s hit-making years. Royalties and investment income from that time still contribute to his wealth.

After Wham! broke up in 1986, Ridgeley moved away from the spotlight but has co-written songs for other artists over the years. This provides some ongoing income.

He likely has made various investments over the decades that have appreciated to boost his net worth into the tens of millions.

So while the exact figure is hard to pin down, the consensus seems to be that Andrew Ridgeley has a very healthy personal fortune of around $30-45 million as of 2023. But the variations in estimates highlight the difficulty in precisely quantifying a celebrity’s net worth.


In conclusion, while his exact net worth cannot be pinned down definitively, estimates from several credible sources point to Andrew Ridgeley Net Worth 2023 having an estimated net worth in the range of $30-45 million as of 2023. This wealth comes primarily from his years as a member of the hugely successful pop duo Wham! in the 1980s, along with royalties and investment income that have continued to accrue over the decades since then. Though he has lived out of the spotlight following Wham!’s breakup, Ridgeley appears to have been savvy enough with his earnings and opportunities to build an enviable multimillion-dollar fortune that places his estimated 2023 net worth safely in the tens of millions by any measure.

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